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Altus is not too bad of a town if you're retired. It is joined with an Air Force Base but as far as Altus itself, it is extremely boring. There is nothing for the children as far as recreational centers, the town is riddled with burger joints and only 2 of them are 24hrs. We have an Applebee's which is located out of town because the Committee was against it. However, they expanded the city limits of Altus in order to collect taxes on it. I would not recommend anyone to move to Altus, Ok by choice. Dont' do it!
Altus has went to great measures to keep the historical downtown while bringing in the feel of new with a variety of mom and pop shops. I wish there was more entertainment and more variety of food.
As a military dependent, I have had to relocate every 2-3 years. I recently moved from Florida to Altus. From what I have noticed, they are very different from each other. The environment is an interesting change of scenery but, I have discovered the people of Altus, Oklahoma are very friendly people. It is probably the most supportive and encouraging community that I have had the pleasure of being apart of.
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I have lived in Altus my entire life. This town is a fabulous little small town with wonderful people.
I have lived in Altus for about 15 years. At this point, I can't go to the store or gas station without seeing anyone I know, which I personally like. Most people are friendly and open to talk to anyone. This town is very supportive of the younger generation, which being in high school, I really appreciate. It's a big football town and that's where you'll see everyone on a Friday night during the fall. It's a nice place to live, just a little far from any entertainment places or shopping malls.
This is a good town to live in! Not a lot of crime, pretty safe town. Quiet town and good schools. A lot of great people here.
Great place to live with a family. The best things about the town is the nearby lake.g I've it a try
Not a lot of crime happens in this area. The police are always patrolling around the neighborhood and around town.
The weather is pretty pleasant and warm all year round. The yards, houses, and streets are routinely maintained and kept clean. Plenty of parks and open areas. It's close to several lakes and wildlife areas. The only downside is that it is a small town and so for some things I have to go to the closest city, which is about an hour's drive away. I like living here because it doesn't snow in the winter, the spring weather is amazing, and I love to hike at all the different parks around here.
Because i live in the "nicest" area of town, there are very occasionally a few break-ins, but i am not as concerned anymore as it appears that the problem has been resolved.
The neighborhood i live in is very beautiful and is very clean and well kept. It is definitely an improvement from the neighborhood that i lived in previously. It is very quiet and peaceful and i am not afraid or nervous to go for a walk around the neighborhood.
Questions are not what I expected but overall good
I love the questions are straight forward
a lot of small town pride
I live in the nice part of town that is all the wealth business owners and military. I had my house built in 2015 in and neighborhood with all new houses. The cost of housing is high and goes really quick.
Small town not with not very many bad areas and the bad areas aren't that bad.
Great small town with friendly people. There isn't a lot of shopping or restaurant's but a lot to do if you are motivated to look and travel.
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do not like living in town rather be in country
When I was younger, all I wanted to do was get out. I started working in a town about an hour and a half away and I miss Altus everyday. I can't wait to go back. It's not where I want to spend my life but it's been great while I've been in college.
It's a small town that is safe & cheap to live in.
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