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Nice place to live ..good school and neighborhoods..but they don't fix there roads! Bartlett ave by the school is all pot holes..and stays that the winter the roads are poorly plowed and uncontrolled intersections are not safe..but everything Eles is good!
I absolutely love living here! It is almost the perks of a small town right next to a big city. I know our family is safe and love that the little town is booming with industry!
Altoona is a small and up and coming town. Altoona has recently developed a new park that is along the river and will soon have a splash pad. There also is a lake in Altoona where residents go fishing and boating. The schools in Altoona are ranked in the top five for the area.
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Altoona is a small town, a suburb of the Eau Claire area. It has a small-town feel, friendly people, excellent schools, and is close to many events and resources in the area.
I love the small town feel with the big city only a mile a way. The city is growing by leaps and bounds. They have recently built an new elementary school and renovated the middle and high school. The people of Altoona are very friendly.
There is very little crime activity where I live, it is a very safe place where the police officers do a good job of making sure we are protected.
Overall I have enjoyed growing up in my hometown and would recommend any one to move here.
The housing in this area is great. It can be pricey, but the buildings and quality of where you live is great. Nice apartments as well as large homes to reside in.
Our transportation facilities are very well used. We have many nice bike trails for people to use and our public transit is used frequently as well. There is hardly any traffic and pedestrians have safe places to walk to where they need to go.
We have very good local music festivals and our locals are extremely friendly to everyone visiting or living there. We are not a huge tourist destination, but we are a very charming town.
We have all four seasons. Winter can get pretty cold, but each season is beautiful. In the Autumn when the leaves change color and fall it is absolutely breath-taking.
We have a good variety of family restaurants and bar/nightlife options. We have options for everyone in the family. I really like Acoustic Cafe. Really homey environment and delicious food.
Employment is good. I have been lucky enough to have multiple jobs during the summers.
Great businesses and friendly people. I am always helped in a kind manner.
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