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I like that it a small city and everything is close. You don't have to drive far to get anywhere. Altoona also has a lot great history. I enjoy seeing the mountains everyday.
I would like to see our town become more college friendly with more opportunities for growth and experiences improving. I have had an overall good experience living in Altoona. I have been a native most of my life and I'm supportive of my community. I feel as though if we worked to become more inclusive of the Penn State Altoona students that come in and out of town frequently we could improve our town as well as the experiences of those visiting us.
"City" part of a rural area, not extremely clean but decently friendly. Many businesses in the area, great place to work. Restaurants everywhere that could cure any food craving you are having. Overall a very up and coming city, always adding more and looking to improve. If you work in Altoona, but would rather not live in the close housing area. There are many areas right outside the city that are rather rural, clean, and friendly.
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Altoona PA is a town that used to be a great place to live. However, being in-between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and drugs getting worse they are also getting worse here. Heroine is the biggest drug problem around here and nobody feels safe anymore. This is a town I grew up in, and this is a town I will not raise a family in.
Altoona is one of the city surrouned by alot of farm communites. Although I am originally from these smaller places i have lived in altoona for the past 6 years. It does have a number of things to do and plenty of places to eat. But the homes look like they are falling apart and the people need to bath.
There's nothing to really do in Altoona except shop. The mall is outdated and needs to be bigger, there needs to be more restaurants, and more venues.
Altoona is just okay. Not great, but not horrible either. It has its pros and cons just like any other city. The downtown is starting to come alive again thanks to Penn State's revitalization efforts. Their are some fun things to do, but you really have to do some digging to find them. However, the area itself is boring and is deprived of any culture or nightlife. Their is very little diversity as the areas population is predominately white and over the age of 50. Young people that grew up here end up leaving after high school, as good paying jobs are hard to find unless your in the medical field. Which the hospital is the city's largest employer by the way. People can be friendly, but not really genuine. The people of Altoona have a very closed minded attitude and are very resistant to change. They long too much for the "good old days" and wish it were the 40's & 50's again. Altoona is a good place to go if your ready to retire, however if your young, I would look elsewhere.
Altoona, PA is a nice town with a lot of restraunts to eat out at. The downtown area of Altoona is currently being remodeled after being run down for a while. Sheetz food is amazing and there happens to be a Sheetz every few blocks from each other.
Altoona is an old railroading town in Central Pa. The economy is difficult and people are obviously struggling there. There are lots of new shopping opportunities, not many opportunities for people to make a living however. People in the older neighborhoods are very kind and always willing to help one another out. In the wealthier sections, people don't even know their neighbor's names. PSU is a bright spot here and is about the only source of culture to be found. There are few parks or places for children, even fewer healthy places for teens. There used to be pool halls, a skateboard park, and more play parks. Things to see are the horseshoe curve, and Wopsy lookout. The malls are completely commercial and you will have to attend the farmer's market of look downtown if you want to find anything original or to support small business. This is a good place to visit if you need to do some mall shopping or to spend your first 4 years of college, then a nice place to leave.
Altoona is an okay city. The crime rate and drug rate is an ongoing concern for safety. Many stores have been going out of business which causes job loss to people. It is a small town, and it would be nice to have more job opportunities.
I liked and still till this day like the town Altoona. Even though sometimes there are a lot of people disliking the other race than what they see. Altoona is a great town/city to live in and raise a family.
I feel that there is a good sense of community overall. There is sometimes political issues, but there is more peaceful encounters than violent. There is good food, but not a lot of options for youth to participate in. There are many safe areas and neighborhoods but a few with concerns.
From my experience living in Altoona, it's a good town, but there isn't many job opportunities. There'st mostly retail and restaurant jobs, and a few factory jobs. I want to further my education so I can possibly relocate to an area with better job opportunities. I'd like to see more diversity as far as jobs in Altoona and I would like to see less restaurants and doctors offices being built but would like to see more factory jobs. Altoona's downtown area isn't as lively as it has been in the past but in recent years, they have had more public events and fairs so I guess it isn't too bad.
Altoona offers many different restaurants and shopping areas. Penn State campus and YTI Career Institute are located here to offer continuing education.
Altoona, Pa is a fairly clean city. It is family friendly and diverse. However, more economic development could make the city much better.
I have lived in Altoona my whole life and love everything about the town. It is large enough to make you feel important, yet small enough to not have you get lost. I would like to see more for the younger generation be done, so there is more to do and more families want to come into Altoona.
Terrible terrible small and ghetto town. Not safe and boring. Central PA considers this place a city but it has nothing but addicts and trashy people.
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I love the people here in Altoona its a great place to live their are some off the most amazing people here in Altoona Altoona is such a Safe and Family Friendly Community
Altoona is a small town rich in history from the world renowned horseshoe curve to the locally famous Mishler Theatre. Altoona is a town built by the railroad and its true blue-collar red blooded Americans. It is definitely a town to be proud of and I am glad to call it home.
I was born and raised in Altoona. I moved away for about 4 years, but I missed my family and moved back. I would like it more if the crime rate and neighborhoods weren't so bad here.
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