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Something that I really enjoy about Altoona is how small it is. My experience with Altoona has moderately been good.
Downtown Altoona is becoming beautiful and friendly again. I am excited to see the new school being built. The town itself is filled with doctors offices and restaurants, so it can be boring at times.
I thoroughly enjoyed Altoona while I was living there! I felt everything was within driving distance and had a variety of everything! The mall was fantastic and better than other area malls like State College. The availability of different activities is also pretty diverse as well. You can go to Canoe Creek to swim, or go bowling, or stop into the Jaffa when there are events like the circus! The Penn State campus located there is charming and easy to navigate, found with a 2-minute drive off the main road, and yet nature is all over! You have significant facilities located in Altoona as well from the UPMC hospital to an Amtrak/Greyhound station, and three ramps from Interstate 99! Altoona even has a Minor League Baseball stadium! Altoona is steeped in rich history and a plethora of hidden gems throughout. I love it!
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Ive lived on altoona my entire life its a place rampant with drugs and depression everyome lives ontop of one another and most teenagers are pregnant
This is a town for very many parks giving lots of low cost options in the summer. Its also in close proximity to many beautiful state parks. You'll definitely meet colorful characters no matter where you are.
Altoona is a very interesting community. It has a very diverse group of citizens. It is a fairly safe community. It is known for drug problems and frequent overdoses. There are many job opportunities but most are in the same fields.
Downtown altoona is a little sketchy but the suburbs such as sinking Valley is very nice. The school district (AASD) is pretty good.
It is a very nice town and has a lot to offer. Great shopping opportunities and many activities to do in town.
It's a terrible place. Don't come here, you will regret it. No competence in this town, so don't get sick here because they won't be able to help you. Small town mindset and everyone who isn't from here is considered a foreigner to these people. The people here don't know how to drive so they'll run right into your car even though they see you coming, as if they believe they could drive right through you. The people here are strange and slow. They'll just stare at you for no reason and trying to talk them can be difficult sometimes. I cannot wait to get out of this place and go home.
I grew up in Altoona. It is a very nice area some parts of town that definitely could use some help getting fixed up especially near the high school. I graduated from Altoona Area High School and when I moved into my college, it was clear that I had been well prepared from my time at Altoona.
My dad Hates this place but I like it. As a teenager there is so much to do such as the parks, and the adventure that comes with the city. My brother gets in fights but he is just a kid figuring things out. The teen shelter is a great place to hangout with friends and even chill out and make more friends.i just moved here from Nebraska and it is a lot different, kinda run-down but it is a small town and has been sitting and rotting for quite some time now. me it's a place of past drug abuse but a good self contained person will do very good and there are lots of good people here nobody is out to get anybody else and the neighbors are great people. Nobody interrupts anyone else. Altoona is the place to be!!!
I like that Altoona is a small town and I live in one of the nicest neighborhoods here. It is easy to get around and there is lots to do, such as shopping, movies, parks, restaurants and sporting events.
Altoona is an average city with a lot of history - such as the Horseshoe Curve and Railroader's Memorial Museum. We have great restaurants - most of them, though, chains. Many parts of Altoona are considered "ghetto", but many parts are also nice, family oriented, quiet neighborhoods. There are many things to do when visiting Altoona. You can visit our exciting amusement parks, one is home to the world's oldest surviving roller coaster. Altoona also has so much outdoor activities. Visit the skate park, go hiking on one of our hundreds of trails. Don't forget about water sports. Raystown Lake is 30 minutes away and offers SO much! Altoona is not the ideal city, but one can consider this place home very quickly.
Altoona is a mix of good and bad. If you want to live here, be prepared to be a brown noser. You will get a good job (one of the few) by "knowing someone" or getting lucky. While there are good people here, you will never find as many ordinary regular persons who think they are in the upper class. You will never find so many people who are snotty with no reason to be. Every facet of the city - business, politics, the arts,etc. - are run by the same people who don't welcome new ideas. Many Altoonans expect others to kiss their rear ends, and many are willing to do that. It is a cliquish place. On the good side, the cost of living is reasonable although house costs, local taxes, and utility companies are changing that for the worse.
I was born and raised in Altoona, I received my undergrad degree not far from Altoona and am now in school for my master's degree. I am living at home in Altoona while working and finishing school. It is a nice place with friendly people. I am a financial analyst, there are more jobs that are labor intensive and service industry careers than jobs that require a college degree. It is a relatively inexpensive place to live and work and it is within driving distance of Pittsburgh and other exciting places.
Altoona is a very interesting mix of poverty and wealth. There is a hard-working middle class, but it is considerably the smallest class. The arts are not supported, unfortunately, due to the lack of community interest. But this is on the rise as this small city recovers from a bad decade of drug abuse. Despite these socioeconomic hardships, I still find it a nice place to raise children.
I love that my family is in Altoona. My biggest complaint about Altoona is its lack of culture. I must say, though, thankfully this is changing. Altoona's downtown area is really coming around, after having been in a slump for quite a while. More and more locally owned restaurants, bars, breweries, and craft studios are opening every month, and that's exciting!
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Altoona has poor accommodation for community lifestyles and for forming a stronger connection with the younger crowd. It is affordable and easy to travel through.
Altoona has a good selection of restaurants, and decent scenery. There is not much for youth to do, however.
You have to drive everywhere because there are not many sidewalks, and the sidewalks we do have are not in great condition. Downtown Altoona is also very run down so there is not really a place where there is character.
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