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Altoona is an okay city. The crime rate and drug rate is an ongoing concern for safety. Many stores have been going out of business which causes job loss to people. It is a small town, and it would be nice to have more job opportunities.
I liked and still till this day like the town Altoona. Even though sometimes there are a lot of people disliking the other race than what they see. Altoona is a great town/city to live in and raise a family.
I feel that there is a good sense of community overall. There is sometimes political issues, but there is more peaceful encounters than violent. There is good food, but not a lot of options for youth to participate in. There are many safe areas and neighborhoods but a few with concerns.
From my experience living in Altoona, it's a good town, but there isn't many job opportunities. There'st mostly retail and restaurant jobs, and a few factory jobs. I want to further my education so I can possibly relocate to an area with better job opportunities. I'd like to see more diversity as far as jobs in Altoona and I would like to see less restaurants and doctors offices being built but would like to see more factory jobs. Altoona's downtown area isn't as lively as it has been in the past but in recent years, they have had more public events and fairs so I guess it isn't too bad.
Altoona offers many different restaurants and shopping areas. Penn State campus and YTI Career Institute are located here to offer continuing education.
Altoona, Pa is a fairly clean city. It is family friendly and diverse. However, more economic development could make the city much better.
I have lived in Altoona my whole life and love everything about the town. It is large enough to make you feel important, yet small enough to not have you get lost. I would like to see more for the younger generation be done, so there is more to do and more families want to come into Altoona.
Terrible terrible small and ghetto town. Not safe and boring. Central PA considers this place a city but it has nothing but addicts and trashy people.
I love the people here in Altoona its a great place to live their are some off the most amazing people here in Altoona Altoona is such a Safe and Family Friendly Community
Altoona is a small town rich in history from the world renowned horseshoe curve to the locally famous Mishler Theatre. Altoona is a town built by the railroad and its true blue-collar red blooded Americans. It is definitely a town to be proud of and I am glad to call it home.
I was born and raised in Altoona. I moved away for about 4 years, but I missed my family and moved back. I would like it more if the crime rate and neighborhoods weren't so bad here.
Altoona in one word: Oh. It is not terrible, but it is not the best, but it is below the middle. Could be worse though; it could be Johnstown.
I grew up in Altoona pa. It has lost if potential but I think it's going down hill. The job opportunities are good here because it's centered and surrounded by lots of small towns. There is a drug problem here that I wish they would get under control.
Altoona is a very nicely sized city. Most of the people in the neighborhoods and town are friendly and very willing to help at any time. The only downfalls I would say is that the hospital is not good, and that if one road is closed due to construction, it takes much longer to use another detour.
Altoona has a lot of railroad history and is a great trip for rail fans. But the rest of the city leaves a lot to be desired. Depressed homes and empty storefronts make it a sad place to visit.
Police can be more visible. And arrive in a timely matter.
Every city has it's need for improvement.
Like every city now, the crime is increasing. This is not the worst area for crime, but drugs and now gun violence is rising. It seems as if the police are really keeping up with it though.
This area is not too bad to live. If I were someone who moved here from a smaller area, I might enjoy it more. I have lived here my whole life and I feel as if this area is not moving along at the rate it should be compared to bigger cities.
Crime is not horrible. It does occur. Lately, the safety is decreasing and it is becoming scary. We now have to protect ourselves and our children.
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