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I was born and raised in Alton. No matter where you lived in the city, there was always somewhere to go. The public transportation goes into different cities with in the county.
Alton is a lovely area. I grew up in Alton from the age of 11 and I am not 28. Over the years there have been many improvements to the downtown area. It's nice being able to drive downtown and see how the people in the area have updated the hideous buildings into something so beautiful.
I have lived here my whole life and I love it. One thing we need are more jobs and more things for our youth to do. One thing that I would like to see is a rec center, a skating rink, an arcade, or some kind of after school activities for children.
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It's not too large or too small. You don't have to worry about crowded places but it also has a lot of restaurants, stores, and things to do.
Alton isn't the best of towns but its a great little town only about 30 minutes outside of St. Louis, Missouri.
I would like to see more diversity in Alton. I would also like the school system to be better than it currently is. The lunch menu is so very unhealthy for the students, there isn't time in between classes to get a drink at the water fountain or use the restroom, and teachers will not let kids leave mid-class to do this. It's ridiculous and unhealthy. If they are trying to thwart bullying, then they need to employee hall monitors instead of damaging children's bladder's by having to hold it all day long. There have been numerous bomb threats at the school as well. I'm just glad my child will be graduating soon.
It's not like Chicago, but it's also not like places where everyone gets along so well.
I've lived here my entire life. I don't really know another home like Alton, but I plan on moving away.
There is drug activity as well as prostitution in certain areas, however in this messed up world those sorts of things exist all around us, even when it's not blatant, unfortunately, blatant drug dealing and prostitution here in town happens mostly in the less desirable areas where the city is not so quick to turn their attention to beautifying those neighborhoods. Crime is low here and that's great for our youth as well as the elderly, everyone in fact. It's really not a bad place to be all-in-all.
Alton is a decent town to raise a family. It's a town where everyone comes across people they know when they're out running errands. There are a lot of nice areas, areas that have been restored to their historical values. Alton is really trying to keep it's main roads are presentable but one thing I dislike is that the city neglects the care of the inner city (ie. street maintenance etc). The city has been putting a lot of money into adding more businesses and is currently adding a transit system which will prove to be extremely helpful. It will link Alton to other cities on a more direct route and at a faster speed. As I mentioned, St. Louis is very close. That is another great thing about living here. It is not too small, not too large and the city is close enough to be conveniently available if bigger shopping trips or entertainment is desired. One downfall is that while violence seems to be fairly low here, drug activity seems to be common and in certain spots where that activity exists there is prostitution. That doesn't define our city though. Overall I like Alton. We have a saying, "Once you've been to Alton you always come back." Something like that ... I was born and raised in the house across the street, have moved a few times, and here I am, living in Alton again. It's my home again, for now.
There are a lot of places that are abandoned and the homeless usually stay there for the winters
I think this area will slowly grow as the years go by
The parks are about what one would expect going to any parks. They are clean-ish, and of course, they are dog-friendly, but many owners do not clean up after their dogs, so that adds to the unclean part.
There are crimes that happen, and when they do happen, the police become involved, though the police sometimes miss the smaller crimes. When it is noticeable, the police jump on it.
Since I live in the Midwest, the weather is not really that much of a problem, considering it is cold in the winter, with the occasional snow storm, and rainy in the summer, with the occasional thunderstorm, which can flood the nearby Mississippi. It just depends on the weather around the area at the time. It can be pretty much anything, there have even been known to be tornadoes around this area.
The amount of restaurants and bars here is quite phenomenal. It ranges from special restaurants and bars like Fast Eddies, to popular places like Applebees and Golden Chorale.
I have heard a mixed review of different employers from many different people. Some are bad, some are good, it just depends. Where I live, most people travel to St. Louis for their jobs, we live right across the river.
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There are a wide variety of stores here from local family owned stores, to largely owned franchises like Wal-Mart and Target. In all cases the stores perform their required services excellently and generally without problems.
Lots of people are minimum wage and work at stores for a living.
It has a lot of variety of stores for a shopper to choose from. And if they can't find anything, they can always go online to get whatever they need or want.
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