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I have heard zero issues with crime and safety in the past year.
I love living in Alton because its right by the water and a great environment to have a family.
We have more police then we need in the winter but in the summer they are extremely active due to vacationers.
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Very great community with many residences who are very involved in the community. The people are extremely nice and the high school is great. However the elementary school is having issues. It is small but a great place to grow up.
I live in a very rural neighborhood and only problem with crime and it's not even a crime. Once of my neighbors shoots his gun after he has had a few too many and I am afraid he might shoot a dog and not what ever kind of animal he is shooting at. This is always after dark and hopefully nobody is walking in the woods.
I really love living in the Lakes Region, ever since Nadia's there is no decent Italian Restaurants in the area.
Very rare for any crime to be committed around here.
Rural area and a moderately quiet town. The family owned businesses outnumber chain stores. It's a nice place to live if you don't mind traveling for shopping.
Roads are maintained as best as they could be with the manpower that is available. Can get dangerous in the wintertime because its icy and there are lots of hills and sharp curves.
Much busier in the summertime with the vacationers and in the wintertime the roads are hard to maintain and can be dangerous.
Taxes are lower than where I used to live but this area is also incredibly geographically isolated.
I am bored in this area because I am liberal and have tattoos and feel judged by the conservative, religious inhabitants. I see the area staying the same way.
The area is half people that love hiking and athletics and nature and half rich old people that want to booze all day and drive their expensive boats all over the lake.
There are a few fast food restaurants nearby but for the most part there are nice restaurants on the lake that are super expensive and theres also a Chinese restaurant that is not very good. Really not chain restaurants or ethnic places in the immediate area. There is a nice co-op in town though for local fresh veggies and food.
People pay a lot of money to build elaborate vacation homes near the lake or nice houses in the forests with huge yards and lots of property. There are not a lot of open properties as people want to vacation up here and will buy them quick.
Local business are pretty much a grocery store, gas stations, a hardware store, and sub par retail shops. There's really not much if anything at all. A few restaurants open for the summer crowds but nothing spectacular.
The area is a vacation area over the summer. It's dead in the winter and packed in the summer time with people vacationing on Lake Winnepesaukee.
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I don't live here year round but I do feel very separated from the community which is very conservative and religious. People tend to move here in their later years or grow up here and stay forever. I don't know much about the community.
There are many mountains to hike as well as lakes and beautiful parks. If you like the outdoors then central NH is the place to be especially in the summertime.
The rural area is not conducive to college students looking for employment in their field and I will be moving to a more urban area if I want to find a job that I'll enjoy post college.
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