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Altamonte springs is in the middle of everything so the location itself is great. The traffic however I could do without. Everything you need is in the area, walmart, whole foods, publix's galore! We even have Target here. There are so many food choices as well, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, you name it we have it! You literally do not need to leave Altamonte for anything. There is not much to do in the nighttime however, but we are only 20 minutes away from downtown so that's not too bad. Houses in Altamonte are so expensive but I can see why, we have EVERYTHING! There's so many lights in Altamonte that cause a bunch of traffic so the commute time really sucks, but when you live in the heart of everything its what you should expect. Altamonte springs has some very good schools and Seminole county is one of the best counties in Florida for schools. All in all I would NEVER leave Altamonte even if the house are way cheaper on the other side of the county line no thanks!
decent attractions restaurants and schools, close enough to city but far enough to have peace and quite. crime is so-so weather is great.
Altamonte Springs is a family friendly suburb of Orlando. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the area as well as entertainment. Outdoors entertainment includes lakes, springs, parks and trails to walk/bike.
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Altamonte Springs is a beautiful area where everything is in such a close proximity. Local renovations only enhance the subtle elegance that surrounds affordable housing, close-nit communities and adequate school systems.
I would say Altamonte Springs is an excellent place to live. I currently reside there now and the atmosphere is awesome. It is very family friendly, there are lots of things to do, great restaurants and plenty of options to choose from. My favorite place to visit is Cranes Roost. They have awesome restaurants and lots of fun things to do for the whole family during the holidays. You can even walk around the beautiful lake they have. Its is so nice especially during Christmas when they the entire lit up with decorations. Overall, I would give Altamonte Springs an A plus place to live in.
I love everything about Altamonte Springs. Especially, that is such a healthy town, there is a Whole Foods supermarket right across from Crane Roost Park where you can go and grab a smoothie after a nice walk in the park. Everybody is so friendly. There are many opportunities to join community volleyball and softball teams. So many places where you can go and have dinner on a Friday night after watching a movie. Altamonte Springs is the place to live.
I love this town. I've moved away before and had to come back. Everything is so close like restaurant and shops. The only thing is the traffic could be better.
Altamonte is an amazing place to live and work. You are close to everything the parks and downtown are just a few minutes away and it is just a great place to live.
Altamonte Springs in Orlando was an excellent experience, the area is very clean and everyone is very family friendly. There is a wide level of attraction in the area for both children and adults.
This area is quiet and well developed. You have access to Hospitals, doctor offices, post office, Movie theater, shopping malls and lots of restaurants. There are several workout gyms in the area. Altamonte Springs is known for it's beautiful and relaxing uptown Altamonte Cranes Roost Park. Where you can enjoy the walking path, fountain shows and outdoor events. Depending on were you are in Altamonte Springs, Orlando is just 5 to 10 minutes away via I-4 or 17/92 roadways.
I came to this city to move away from Miami that is always packed and full of traffic. It's such a nice and calm place to live here. Mostly family friendly and there's a near college campus. It doesn't have that much night life but there's many places to go that aren't as far. Also has really good food places !!! Everything is close to each other which is a plus.
This town is very clean and the people are nice. I would call it an upper-class suburb to Orlando. You are close to everything food and shopping wise. Plus, you are a short drive distance to parks.
I enjoy living in Altamonte Springs, FL. The area is close to the freeway and has many restaurants and shopping choices. It is suitable for families and young professionals.
Altamonte Mall is smack dab in the middle of the city with many stores and restaurants in the nearby plazas. Easy access to the highway also.
Altamonte Springs is a great area! It is in a central location, in my opinion, close to Downtown Orlando and just 30 minutes to the closest beach (Daytona). Great restaurants, great areas to shop in, beautiful neighborhoods, and the schools are some of the best in the Central Florida area.
Altamonte Springs is a well kept, inviting, multicultural community. The neighbors are friendly, there are plenty of shops and public transportation easily accessible. Cranes Roast is a beautiful lake that houses many activities throughout the year.
The nightlife in Altamonte Springs is pretty much a laid back scenery throughout the city. I feel very safe in the areas I usually traveled to or hang out during the night. Cranes Roost Park is a Lakeside area featuring a walking path, plaza with fountain show & amphitheater for outdoor events. Just adjacent to Cranes Roost, you have access to the mall with all sorts of shopping stores and boutiques.
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It is a verry great area. My family and I enjoy the community, and a wonderful school system for our children.
I enjoy seeing the different sites and being able to walk around to different stores and sites within walking distance between friends houses .
I love living in Altamonte Springs, there's diversity, a mall, and lots of great restaurants to eat at nearby. We're 30 minutes away from Orlando attractions and were close to the 408 turnpike and the I-4 exit. Traffic can be a problem at times so plan an extra 10 minutes to your trip time. Otherwise I think Altamonte Springs is a great community. We also have a park called Cranes Roost where you can find many live events happening on the weekends or walk around the beautiful lake, so many options!
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