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A really cool city with plenty to do and see. There are a lot of shopping areas and many restaurants to choose from. Recent construction has slowed down roadways but it is currently being improved upon.
I have lived in Altamonte Springs my whole life and have loved every minute of it. I am right in the middle of everything and the level of convenience is amazing. There are so many things to do such as the local movie theatre, multiple bowling alleys, countless restaurants and much more all within a 10 mile radius. I love living in Altamonte and could not have picked a better place to grow up in.
I love Altamonte Springs outdoor life. There is Wekiva State park and even a hidden jewel Lake Lotus. A great bike trail through the city and of course Crane's roost where they have Red Hot and Boom every July 4th. Lots of food choices. And everything from a mall to putt putt golf. Lake Brantley High School is one of the best in the state. You should come by and visit this beautiful city.
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Easy access to all major roadways (I-4, 434,436, 414). Community has a college campus (SSC) and nearby Wekiva river and state park offers opportunities to explore nature. Plenty of walking and biking trails. Cranes Roost locale has plenty of family friendly activities. Ton's of shopping opportunities and a thriving real estate market.
I love living in Altamonte Springs, there's diversity, a mall, and lots of great restaurants to eat at nearby. Altamonte springs is in the middle of everything so the location itself is great.
Its a small town with many things to do from a child to a grown up. It is always well kept with lawn work and roads. Its a very Beautiful city.
This area is clean, safe, and quiet. It is family friendly. Good schools. There is plenty of recreational activities, restaurants, and entertainment.
Safe, affordable, and close to everything. Perfect for a growing family or someone starting out on their own.
I have lived in this area for almost two years and have enjoyed it. It's far enough away from downtown, but still close enough that there are a lot of stores/restaurants nearby. The city takes care of its parks and citizens.
I love everything About Altamonte Springs its An Awesome city, everything you need is close by. traffic is awesome not too much hassle, i love the commute from here to orlando. i love that is a friendly city and the commute to places is a few miles away unless u need to go deeper but attractions, fast food restaurants are awesome, i couldn't expect more i love Altamonte Springs and its not far from family and friends
Altamonte Springs is for me a place to call home, it is very quiet, clean and it has a lot of stores, schools, doctor offices and gas stations. It is about 20 minutes driving from downtown Orlando. I would like more job opportunities in Altamonte Springs.
I have loved living in Altamonte Springs. I live in a complex where I can walk to everything around me if need be. I find I am in the center of everything. The traffic can get pretty bad but other than that I find it very good.
Thinking of a place to raise your children or child look no further Altamonte Springs is the place. Autumn Run townhouse, 3x2 just feet away from the Altamonte Mall. I love it been living here now 8 years.
One major thing that I like about Altamonte Springs is that there are so many places to eat and shop. Just about every restaurant that you like is there. You have the Altamonte Mall, which is great. You also have Cranes Roost, where you can walk, jog, or ride your bike. You can see concerts there. There is always something exciting happening. I rate this place 4 1/2 stars.
I love living in the area becuase I am close to the mall, I4, and many restaurants. The only down side is a lot of traffic especially during rush hour so almost never try to be on the raod during these times.
The area is very nice,quiet, and all of the schools are A rated. It's a great place to raise children.
I love Altamonte springs, we originally moved here because I was beginning UCF and did not want to live in student housing or expensive Orlando apartments. The neighborhoods here are great and everything is easily accessible.
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Just moved here from Illinois!
I love that Altamonte Springs has everything within driving distance!
We have a mall, a movie theater, great restaurants, decent parks to walk the dog!
Altamonte springs is in the middle of everything so the location itself is great. The traffic however I could do without. Everything you need is in the area, walmart, whole foods, publix's galore! We even have Target here. There are so many food choices as well, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, you name it we have it! You literally do not need to leave Altamonte for anything. There is not much to do in the nighttime however, but we are only 20 minutes away from downtown so that's not too bad. Houses in Altamonte are so expensive but I can see why, we have EVERYTHING! There's so many lights in Altamonte that cause a bunch of traffic so the commute time really sucks, but when you live in the heart of everything its what you should expect. Altamonte springs has some very good schools and Seminole county is one of the best counties in Florida for schools. All in all I would NEVER leave Altamonte even if the house are way cheaper on the other side of the county line no thanks!
decent attractions restaurants and schools, close enough to city but far enough to have peace and quite. crime is so-so weather is great.
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