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The crime threat doesn't seem to bad. On the daily i see between 2-3 cops cars, or trucks strolling the streets. I have a very strong sense of safety where i live. There are places i wouldn't want to go at night, but there are places like that in every town. The only concern i may have is all the meth labs that are rumored to be around. other then that i have no complaints.
Its a great place, small enough to keep the country feel, but big enough to have all the necessities at hand. People say there is not much to do here, but in my opinion its all how you look at it. I really enjoy the area and would definitely live here again.
In certain parts of town has lots of crime, but besides that side of town it is very safe.
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The area is a very good area if you live on the outside of town. In town it is more violent and there is not a lot to do in the small town.
There seems to be a lot of drug related crimes in the area.
Klamath Falls is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. The views from anywhere in town are breathtaking!
It is a fairly boring area, not much to do and has a lot of drug problems. No opportunities to grow financially.
I would choose to live her again if the community leaders became more open minded. Listen to what the community wants. I want an outlet for the children, too many of our community members are drug or gang involved. We need more offered to our community. Klamath falls is going to die out.
It's more of a retirement community, low violence, plentiful of fires during the dry season, drug usage is low, rape is very low, perfect for building a family, wonderful schools, not a lot of exciting activities to do as couples or for teens.
the housing could be better.
Restaurants have good prices, some more so then others.
Most of the time its not hard to find a place to hang out with friends, or dine out for the evening. reasonable prices too.
Around schools the safety of the students and staff are regarded first and for most.
very few places to shop
A lot of the jobs are at fast food restaraunts.
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