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What I like abut altadena is that it's peaceful, we are close to the rosebowl where there is lots of excitement, we also have a 24 hour gym near by. I have lived in altadena for about 24 years and probably would like to buy my future house in the same city. I'm happy with how altadena has been treating me and my neighbors.
I absolutely love living in Altadena! It's a great neighborhood that is nestled beneath the San Gabriel mountains with a very laid back vibe.
Altadena, CA is the perfect place to live if you are looking for diversity. The neighborhoods, for the most part, are integrated with many different races of people, mostly families, with young professionals, and retirees in the mix. . This is also a very economically diverse area. It's not unusual to see blue collar and white collar neighbors living next to each other. Altadena is not the place if you are looking for hot restaurants and shopping. However, we do have a nice small selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Mom and pop retail shops and services are plenty. Altadena's sleepy, town feel, surrounded by the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel mountains, is perfect.
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Altadena is a friendly, quiet city just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Pasadena and down town Los Angeles. We have easy access to hiking trails and several parks. Altadena is a great place to grow up.
Excellent community, clean, safe and quiet. Good schools grocery stores nearby good police protection.
Altadena is the perfect combination of small town feel but being close enough to Los Angeles to be able to enjoy city bustle and opportunities as we as more peaceful town life, as well as access to hiking and even the occasional wildlife (bears and coyotes!). I also appreciate the diverse nature of the community.
Altadena is a beautiful subset of Los Angeles that is far enough away from the city yet close enough to experience the best of both worlds. Altadena's landscape is lush and mature and is an ideal setting for families who like the quiet lust of nature. Affordable homes for the working class are limited though, as it seems the price of peace and quiet is only meant for the rich.
I live in a more favorable section of Altadena so I tend not to have any problems with safety. There is a sheriff's station two blocks away so while I may hear sirens from time to time, they are rarely ever coming towards my area.
I thoroughly enjoy living in Altadena. It is separate from the hustle and bustle of downtown Pasadena, but it is still very accessible to the surrounding cities in the greater Los Angeles area. I have lived her for about 8 years and it has been a great place to grow up.
There are some areas that are not as well kept.
Great location. Far enough out of the city in the mountains but close enough to drive to the city easily.
Small crimes like neighborhood kids smashing car windows a few times. Neighbors smoke pot, don't know if it's legal. Not much to say beyond that. Pretty safe area.
sense of safety may be to high
Was broken into once, then never happened again!
When we first moved her, we were iffy about the neighborhood. However, the street we live on is great!
I have never personally experienced or witnessed any crimes in this area. I have heard helicopters at night, and have seen a squad car at a neighbors.
I loved living in Altadena. I would prefer the city of LA, but Altadena is a beautiful middle-class area to live in.
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I love living in Pasadena. There are always so many things to do and there are so many places nearby (such as the beach and mountains) that traveling there is easy. Furthermore, even though it is heavily populated, the city is still beautiful. It is reasonably close to Los Angeles, but still far away enough to avoid all of that traffic.
Crime in the area I live in has never really been a problem which I am very glad of. The few times there has been any crimes around police are somewhat quick to come and help. In the times I am outside of my house I see several cops driving by and this gives me a sense of safety. I feel like having them around often is the reason crimes in this area have decreased over time.
I feel that the area I live has gotten better than it's been before. Before there were a lot of accidents and police on my street but things have really calmed down lately. Everyone I live around is always minding their own business and is rarely disrupting ones peace except when there might be parties. I do feel that the area I live in is better than other areas in my city which makes me feel safe. I hope this area will continue to grow stronger for the people living here in the future.
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