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Alpine is a great city to live in. I love how it is very family friendly. My favorite part of Alpine however, is that it is so close to the beautiful mountains and American Fork Canyon. The land in Alpine is so beautiful, and there are several amazing views. Because we are so close to the mountains, there are many fun recreational activities for all ages to do. Alpine is very safe.
The small community living. Alpine is an upper- middle class neighborhood with good Christian values.
Alpine is a beautiful town up against the Rocky Mountains and can't find seclusion or areas with more close housing of all kinds. This town gives a great mountain countryside feel with only a mile or two to get into town. There are many areas to own horses or cows or other animals and the people are very friendly and helpful.
Very quiet and kind neighborhood, there is little crime and the community is primarily filled with professionals. My influence while being raised was positive and filled with the enlightenment that anything is possible and that I can create and be a promoter and benefiter to society.
Beautiful mountain town. Quiet, peaceful, friendly. Has great parks. Downside there isn't much to do besides outdoorsy things.
I've lived here for 18 years and have had no troubles worrying about the crime rate. If someone gets pulled over, you can expect to see two cops ready because they probably don't have much to do with how little crime there is.
I love this area--it is a perfect place to raise a family. If I didn't grow up here, I would want to raise my family here because of the kind people, the beautiful scenery, and wonderful schools. Alpine is not a drive through area, it's a destination so there's not a lot of traffic but it's still close to bigger cities. It's secluded and wonderful.
There have been more and more break ins in our are but overall, the crime rate is very low and it is just a great pplace for families to live. Very friendly and fun and absolutely stunning.
I absolutely love living in Alpine. It is not only stunning with the scenery, but almost everyone is kind, loving, and cares for their homes. Many people think that Alpine is a place where rich kids go and live with is partially true in some parts, but in my area especially, it is all just humble kind fun people and I absolutely love it. Definitely family friendly.
I don't see much of the crime, but I know its there. However because of this I also don't really know how bad it is, but I feel safe walking around.
I've loved growing up here. It's a very nice area. I feel safe. It's not a commercialized town, and the mountains are so gorgeously close. I would love to live here again if I can afford it.I see more and more houses in this area in the future just because of the high quality of the town and neighborhoods.
There are very few incidents of crime in this area, however, we have had garages and homes broken into occasionally. Nobody is ever physically harmed and crimes are committed when nobody has been home. Vandalism isn't an issue.
I love this area! I will be attending college in the fall, but hope to live here in the future. It is very family friendly and the people are amazing. I have lived in many other areas of Utah as well as New York and Indiana. This area is by far the best!
honestly the place i live had zero crime rate.
It's a small town, so people look out for each other and the police are right down the block if you need them.
Most people who live here have lived there a good portion of their lives. At first I didn't think I'd be welcomed, but the people here are very kind. I planned to move on the fall, but I think I'll stay a bit longer.
Sometimes I hear of people breaking in to homes, but it is more rare. There is a lot of security and protection in this area because of the responsibility of the citizens for each other.
I absolutely am in love with Alpine. I hope to one day become a permanent resident here. The view of the mountains is breathtaking, and the people are incredible. We are only renting for now, as I indicated in the survey, but I have been given visual goals all around me to get to this point one day.
There are many beautiful houses and nice public facilities such as parks.
The local community gets along great, however in the immediately surrounding communities there is some discord.
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