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Where I live is ten minutes outside the city and we have only had one crime. My parents left their cars unlocked and they were gone through. Otherwise the cops are very on top of the happenings in the city and nothing else has occurred around me.
I love the ability to escape the city with the nearby country side, but also being able to go to the city when I want to do something. It also isn't too far a drive from the lake and there is plenty to do there.
We have had incidents in the past, however since then, the police have been more vigilent and the community feels safer now than ever before. It is a great, quiet place to live and to grow up. I hope to never have to move away from it.
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You can hear the birds and frogs and the air is so fresh!
Houses in the area are overall well-maintained. Located in a country region, houses tend to have a decent amount of property attached to them, which in some cases increases the prices of homes when they do come up for sale. With that being said, because people tend to live in the same house for a long time, so in reality houses do not tend to come up for sale that often.
This area is very community based. Practically everybody knows each other and would be willing to help anybody if they need it. People/families tend to live here for a very long time, which is why everybody gets to know each other quite well. Houses don't tend to come up for sale very often. Pretty much everybody in the area owns some sort of pet, which makes the community quite pet-friendly.
The amount of crimes in this area are pretty minimal. If one does arise, police and other forms of law enforcement are ready and willing to do as much as they can to help.
I love living in this area, and I definitely want to live here when I go to purchase my own house someday. Living in the country is a big component to me; but it is also located just close enough to Alpine (to do some shopping) and the highway for easy travel.
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