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Alpine is a beautiful place. It is medium paced, which is nice to come home to and escape the everyday busyness of life. It has gorgeous trees that cover ever corner. It is rich with color and much quieter than most of San Diego. Community is important to those who live here. We are respectful and open to anyone and everyone that drives through, or stops to visit. Alpine is a safe city, with little crime. The people that live here are upstanding citizens with a lot of heart.
Alpine is a small, yet developed town in San Diego. There are local chains such as Albertsons, Rite Aid, but also resident owned small businesses. It is very family and small business friendly. There are many things to do such as hike Viejas mountain or shop and grab lunch at Viejas outlet mall.
Alpine CA is a very safe area and I don't worry about my safety.
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Everyone knows San Diego is the best city to live in!
From my experience living in Alpine, there are no crimes that are of concern and the police is very quick to respond. For example, there are many homes for elderly people and the police is always on their guard to answer their calls. The police and fire department are central of the town and they respond quickly to any calls or situations occurring.
Alpine is a nice town, small enough to know you are in a safe place but big enough to enjoy activities. Viejas outlet center is the closest to a mall and has enough entertainment such as roller skating, ice skating, bowling, arcade, shops, and different eateries. As for the main part of Alpine, it's very family friendly. It has more than 3 elementary schools, one middle school, and is a 15 minute to 25 minute drive to high schools such as Granite Hills and Steele Canyon. There are many options for grocery shopping and pharmacies, including some big chain stores such as Albertsons, Starbucks, McDonald's, and Subway. There are also many places to go hiking in this small town such as Wright's field and Viejas Mountain. Alpine is also very close to many lakes, other hiking areas, 30 minutes from the beach, and 45 minutes from downtown.
I feel as if Alpine is extremely safe! I never feel unsafe!
I love how small the community is! For the most part everyone knows each other. Everyone is polite but, it's far out from a lot of the larger cities and takes a while to get places.
There are good and bad parts of San Diego. Over all I would say it's pretty average, but there are definitely areas that I wouldn't want to be alone in. The area I live in is very safe I feel compared to other places that I've been. As far as police being visible, I feel like I see them everyday on my commute which is a good thing.
I absolutely love living in San Diego. You have access to the beach, desert, mountains, Mexico, basically whatever you want to do. The bad thing is that it is really expensive to live here. I understand why, but it makes it hard. I don't know if i would ever want to move away though. Its my favorite!!
It's safe, but the police are slow.
Alpine is overall just great.
Could be closer to the beach.
I'm not sure if people usually like their jobs or not, but at least they are working.
I live in a small town, but as time goes on there are more and more options to choose from. The mom-and-pop stores are all being bought out by bigger companies like Ace Hardware and Albertsons. If I want to but anything I usually go into town more where things are less expensive.
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