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Alpine is a great place to go if you have a hard time affording the city life or if you are just looking to get away. Studying at Sul Ross State University has enriched my life; I get to work in labs and in the field. The nature is all encompassing and very healing. It's a great place to live with friendly people and lots of outdoor things to do. Jobs may be hard to find but it's easy to make connections and changes are you'll bump into someone that would love to have you working with them.
I love Alpine! I grew up here, so I'm biased, but it's BEAUTIFUL and everyone is so nice! Lots of hiking, camping, some fishing, and scenic routes. A wonderful place to vacation any time of the year.
Alpine is a beautiful city full of wonderful people. Despite all the tragedy that has struck this small town, the happiness and friendliness of everyone still sticks around. With the disappearance of ZuZu and before that we had a school shooting, it is like the town itself became much closer than before. Everyone was affected in some way of all that had happened. Alpine is a big tourist town because of where it is located in Texas. It is a fun and friendly place to live and as a college student it is fun and full of life. Moving from Dallas to Alpine was a huge change, but I wouldn't trade these experiences for the world.
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I love Alpine. It is a small, quaint, little town. The people are friendly and calm. Though small, it does have a few restaurants, grocery stores. etc. Whatever else you want, that Alpine doesn't have, you can travel for about 30 minutes to an hour away. It has a beautiful view of mountains and the desert atmosphere all at once. There are many places to hike and many stores will allow you to take your pet in also. It is a very pet friendly, people friendly town. It is a place of little violence and crime. If there was something I would like to see change would only be the goat head stickers in the dog park, because there are so many, nobody takes their dogs, for fear of the stickers puncturing the dog's paws. Also, I would love to see Alpine get a Walmart. The closest one is an hour and a half away which can be pretty inconvenient.
Alpine is a quaint little town off of highway 67. It is small but it is wonderful. It is big enough to not be a slow po-dunk town but it is small enough to not have the huge hustle and bustle of a big city. The air is clean, the streets aren't too loud and everything is just right. the only problem I have with Alpine is the grocery stores. Everything is so expensive at the local stores and it's not great in that sense!
Town environment is great, people in the community are friendly.
Alpine is a very beautiful town and the people are very warm and welcoming
Highly recommended to visit Big Bend National Park, other festivities occur throughout the year as well.
It is a safe place for pedestrians and bicyclists, parking availability is also great and only requires a parking permit if you attend the University.
Natural disasters rarely occur, and when it comes to the four seasons they are average and will impact life only on some occasions.
The top organization in Alpine is Sul Ross State University and there are a handful of positions available.
Local businesses are in satisfactory conditions and provide adequate customer service.
Get random thunderstorms one day then bright, sunny, hot days the next.
There are more fast food restaurants than anything but also some expensive restaurants that aren't worth it.
There are jobs for teenagers in the area but someone may just get a job for the money not necessarily cause they like it.
Being in a small town, you can't expect much but they are okay.
There's like only two bars in here and all restaurants are fast food restaurants. There's only one decent restaurant where they don't serve fast food.
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The employment in the area is limited only to the students of the university, it's hard for someone to find a job here if they are not students. And almost every job available in this area is in chain food restaurants.
Small businesses limited to basic products, basic groceries, basic electronics, basic clothing and shoes. There's nothing special. No variety of stores, no big supermarkets. I can get everything I could need but not what I would want. Very limited stores and products. If it wasn't for the college, the town wold disappear in a heartbeat.
there is a variety but much.
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