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Alpharetta is a great family friendly town. It has amazing shopping, dining, entertainment and outdoor activities. It has a small town feel. The city is still growing and adding more and more jobs. The schools are some of the best in the state. I have attended school in Alpharetta my whole life. It isn't too far from Atlanta, so it is fairly easy to get to sporting events, the airport or anything else downtown. There are a lot of parks and the Greenway which promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Alpharetta has been a great place to grow up. I would recommend it to everyone, especially families. It is an awesome place to be!
Great city to live in! Schools are fantastic, and the neighborhoods are very nice. We have lived in the area for the 15 years. I could not imagine living anywhere else. I love this city!
Good food options, though Atlanta is better when it comes to coffee. Traffic not nearly as bad as Atlanta. Low crime rate. Friendly suburbia
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Love this area! Ive lived here all of my life and I am sad to have moved out of here but I would recommend this to all my friends and anyone looking for a family friendly city to move to! The only downside is the lack of diversity this area has to offer but its the small price to pay for quality schools and job opportunities.
Alpharetta GA is a safe environment for family and friends with nice public schools, public parks , nice people, and tons of shopping places. Alpharetta Ga is one of the most wealthy cities in Ga. ALpharetta has had many football players, basketball players and baseball players come by and give words of encouragement to kids of all ages. Sometimes, they would even drop by their old high schools and play with the kids. Alpharetta is also a very safe environment. There is not a whole lot of crime going on in Alpharetta. I have lived her for 10 years and i have never heard a gun shot. although the standerded of living is a little bit more expensive, it is well worth it because of the safety and the fun activities in alpharetta
Beautiful town, great schools, and friendly people. Plenty to do in terms of entertainment and green space.
Alpharetta is a beautiful city and is growing in so many ways! With new shopping malls and houses or apartments available in walking distance. Beautiful landscaping throughout the city as well as decorations during the holidays. Alpharetta makes you feel right at home, with their food trucks and farmers market with locally grown vegetables it brings a new meaning to shopping small business. I love having home grown or locally made produce and when you get to meet the farmers and gardeners you will feel like you are apart of their family. The town and their events makes you feel like everyone is your neighbor.
Alpharetta is a thriving metroatlanta city. It is the perfect mix between Atlanta and Georgia's countryland- what most refer to as the suburbs. The facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, and commercial areas are clean, sophisticated, well kept, and energetic!
Safe community. Very well upkeep and lots of shops and food. Great school disdtrict with a lot of diversity.
I really enjoy living in Alpharetta. There is a lot of shopping close by (clothing, groceries, everything), and there are many options in stores. The nightlife is sub par, but there are great places to eat. It is a growing city that is trying to bring in more and more people.
I love Alpharetta! I like the new Avalon that is being built- it has amazing new restaurants and shops. The only thing I would change is the traffic, although that would be difficult to change.
The development in Alpharetta has progressed greatly, creating a more urbanized environment in a suburban city.
Alpharetta is the only city where you can find some of the South's wealthiest people and poorest people in the same city. It's a family oriented and fairly safe area if you're not a person of color. Honestly great schools over all and it can be a cute community at times.
It is not a fast pace city. It is a city filled with older adults and not those of my age range. Still a pretty quite area.
Very nice place to grow up and live. Good shopping, even better restaurants. Avalon and Top Golf are close by. Good public and private schools.
Alpharetta is a city located in north Fulton County, Georgia, United States. When people think about typical Alpharetta residents money comes to mind. That stereotype would be a WASP with 2.5 kids in the back of a minivan. Except the minivan would be one of those fancy Lexus SUVs or a Porsche Cayenne instead, because after all, this is Alpharetta.The truth is that Alpharetta has a great school system and is a very safe suburb in which to raise a family. Alpharetta has the distinction of being very "wired" with a great infrastructure that has attracted many large tech companies to the area and create a lot of jobs in the IT field.
Alpharetta is an amazing city to live in. One of the best suburbs around Atlanta. Very convenient and full of diversity! Growing by the day...
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Alpharetta has a variety of things to do and lots of activities near by. It is also not very far from Atlanta either. There are two mall areas to go shopping in along with top golf, dave and busters, lots of restaurant etc...
The only reason that I am living in Alpharetta due to my job is around the corner. There is really nothing to do in the town would have to drive to the major cit of Atlanta to have fun.
Alpharetta is such a great place to live. I have lived here my whole life and have slowly seen it grow into such an amazing city. They have places like north point mall, avalon, and many other places people can go and hang out. The night life isn't the best. It's only 30 minutes from Atlanta though. The cost of living here is pretty high and there tends to me more and more traffic as they build more, but overall, I love it here. Great schools as well.
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