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Great place for middle class families. Not very diverse. In most expensive county in state of Georgia.
It was a nice place to grow up- good schools, good neighborhoods- but is beginning to feel a little too "Stepford Wife"-ish. The number and quality of things to do there has definitely increased over the past 10 years, though.
The most important thing I love about Alpharetta is the low crime rate. This is also a beautiful place to live. The streets and neighborhoods are always clean. It's a nice place to raise a family.
I love living in Alpharetta, Georgia. It's such a great environment that has great schools and great people. Sometimes it's lacking in entertainment, but it's just a short drive from Bulkhead or Atlanta, which is convenient.
Alpharetta is one of the cleanest cities in Fulton county. It is a great city for families with excellent public schools and parks.
Great area to live, its growing rapidly. People are mostly friendly. There is a lot of stuff to do, with many high end, middle, and low end restaurants that all have fantastic food. Multiple malls and lots of other shopping in the area as well. Very low crime and fantastic schools.
Although it is an expensive area & not so diverse, Alpharetta is a pretty good place to live. Nice houses, restaurants, shopping area etc...
Very diverse area with lots of outlets for student life. Cost of living is on the higher end, but it is definitely worth it. Alpharetta has top schools and very well maintained parks and recreational areas.
Beautiful suburban area close enough to the Perimeter, good schools, family friendly, plenty of fun activities for family or just individuals looking for a hobby.
Alpharetta has everything you could need: great schools, fantastic restaurants, and fun things for the whole family.
Alpharetta is the best town to live in. It is filled with fun activities, vibrant downtown, and is an awesome place to be. A lot of people support locally owned business here as well.
I recently moved here from Texas and that decision could very well be the best of my life. There is an immense amount of opportunities to be had here. It feels safe here and there is so much to do. The city is very diverse, but very friendly.
I like everthing and everyone . It's such a great amazing big community that welcome all types of people.
Great school system, Safe community. many job opportunities. Family friendly subdivision. Commute time is not that good.
I enjoy Alpharetta very much. I have lived here for several years with my family and the best thing about it is how safe you feel being here. The neighborhoods are extremely peaceful as well. The area is very pet friendly and many restaurants welcome pets on their patio which is important for me since I have two dogs. If there was one thing I would change about Alpharetta it would be to add more night life because the selection is very limited. There are only a few select places that are geared towards a younger crowd which forces younger people to have to drive somewhere further out, like Buckhead or Midtown, to find a good night life scene.
I have live in Alpharetta for the past ten years. Alpharetta has some of the best schools in the metro Atlanta area. While still a quiet town, it offers plenty of diversity with attractions and cuisine.
Overall, Alpharetta is a very nice place to live. Compared to many other cities in Georgia, I am fortunate to live here. Everybody in high school talks about how they're "ready to get out" of Alpharetta and go to college, how they're ready to open a new chapter in their lives far away from this place. And as much as I can acknowledge that it's a privilege to live here, sometimes I do feel suffocated by my town. The apparent abundance of activities is untrue - the lack of things to do is obvious. My experience here is overall positive, but for me - and many others - the city would feel much less small and the world would feel much more accessible if I was able to experience more within my small bubble here.
Alpharetta is the perfect place to raise a family with four children! The people are wonderful. The area is beautiful. The community is one that you really want to be a part of in every aspect. There always seems to be something happening to bring people together like free concerts in the summer in Avalon which is a gorgeous area with high end shopping and great restaurants including a very comfortable movie theater, for example. Also, it feels like you never meet a stranger here meaning everyone you talk with throughout the day is helpful and kindhearted (for the most part.) It is just a special place to live! So when are you moving in? :)
Alpharetta is the perfect suburban neighborhood suitable for families and raising children. All of the complexes are well-kept and newly renovated, with more renovations and attractions to come. They just built the Avalon which has really added a lot of status to the already respectable town. Their public schools are highly ranked in Georgia all around and has an extremely diverse population. Additionally, there are a lot of companies based out in Alpharetta. Especially in the Windward area, so it is a great place for professionals to find work.
Alpharetta is large suburban town on the outskirts of Atlanta. It has many high schools that are ranked in the top 500 in the nation. All the high schools are 6A or higher and are very competitive for academic athletes. The HOPE Scholarship is available to all the high schools in this area. It is very safe and there are two police departments that monitor activity in the community. Overall, it is a very safe city that offers fantastic schools and has a very diverse population.
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