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The only reason that I am living in Alpharetta due to my job is around the corner. There is really nothing to do in the town would have to drive to the major cit of Atlanta to have fun.
Alpharetta is such a great place to live. I have lived here my whole life and have slowly seen it grow into such an amazing city. They have places like north point mall, avalon, and many other places people can go and hang out. The night life isn't the best. It's only 30 minutes from Atlanta though. The cost of living here is pretty high and there tends to me more and more traffic as they build more, but overall, I love it here. Great schools as well.
I lived in Alpharetta for about six years, and I don't know if I have seen any place like it since. The scenery was beautiful, the experience was great, and the people were just as much. I would love to move back one day.
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I've lived in Alpharetta for 10 years and I love it. I've always felt safe. I would love to see more diversity.
A very nice, safe place to live while being close to shops and restaurants. The crime rate is low and there are many parks nearby.
I have lived in Alpharetta my whole life. The area is very safe and always developing new and exciting places for you and your family to explore. The more recent development of Avalon has created an excellent daytime adventure for the whole family along with a great night time experience for the adults. Alpharetta is a great place to visit and walk around because of all the downtown areas!
I enjoy living in Alpharetta because it is close to shopping outlets, grocery stores and my place of work. Alpharetta is 30 minutes away from the city of Atlanta and offers a tranquil space of living. There’s a lot of beautiful homes and landscapes. It’s a great place for families but no so much for young 20’s like myself. If you’re looking for the nightlife, downtown is your best bet. At 10:00pm, restaurants are closed and there’s barley any cars on the road because everyone’s getting ready for the next work day. The average school rating has 8 out of 10 stars and there’s two community colleges in the area. One thing I would like to see change is the traffic commute from work to home.
The city hosts a lot of events and makes an effort to take care of itself. The public library was recently rebuilt near city hall and it's spectacular. Every Christmas a pine tree is decorated and the city has fireworks on the Fourth of July. The schools are also well maintained and have a great environment. There is a large job opportunity due to the amount of businesses in the area and houses are constantly being built.
I love the sense of community in Alpharetta. It is unlike any other place I've lived before in the past. In my opinion, it is one of the best places to raise a family. Every amenity imaginable to entertain a family is available in Alpharetta. The residents are kind and generous. I have had complete strangers give me food tickets at the Taste of Alpharetta refusing to accept any money. This I attribute to a strong sense of community, caring for people.
I've lived here ever since I was in preschool. The neighborhoods are all so nice and family friendly. There is so much to do! So many different types of restaurants to try out. So many places to shop. There's something for everyone here! The schools are excellent! Crime rates are very low. It's the perfect place to raise a family or retire in. The parks are great too... super clean and nice. Very good are!
Alpharetta is a fairly wealthy suburb that is beautifully maintained with several community-building events throughout the year. It is safe and quiet, and is fit for primarily for raising a middle class family.
I would like the school system to improve race- relations and interactions with children and have more nightlife activities.
i have been living in Alpharetta for 8 years. I have attended an elementary, middle, and high school in the area and I have loved every single aspect of it. The schools are clean and have teachers willing to help their students. The city is quiet and has a lot to offer families.
Alpharetta is a beautiful town north of Atlanta. With tons of beautiful shops and local eating establishments downtown there is always something to do. There is also a lot to do outdoors with multiple jogging and bike paths.
I love Alpharetta it is a very beautiful city and everything is perfect. it has been a very prosperous and beautiful city for Georgia. It has been nationally recognized and has been a great part of life for many people living in the city
Alpharetta is a fun and lively city. There are many festivals and town event that you can be apart of, but at the same time the town is very quite. It is perfect for raising kid due to the great schools in the area. Also Alpharetta is a grown tech city with companies like HP and AT&T corporate offices located here. If you are looking for a great city with many opportunities, Alpharetta is a great city for living in.
My overall experience with Alpharetta is exceptional. It has some historic places. There is something to do for everyone of all ages. The communities are attractive and well-mannered. Some of the people are catalyst but friendly. But overall the Alpharetta area can be one's element.
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Alpharetta, Georgia is a great town for growing families. There are a lot of activities around to explore especially with the new opening of the Avalon. The community is great and the schools offer great opportunities. However, many kids like myself may end up being caught up in a small world bubble unaware of certain real world aspects outside of the suburb area.
I was incredibly unsure of moving here when my mother first broke her leg and needed help. I had lived in Chicago and Denver prior, so the prospect of living in the south kind of worried me. However after arriving in Alpharetta, I found the city to be very welcoming. The housing is fantastic, the way the small "village" shopping centers are set up is so easy to navigate, and there is such a diverse community that anywhere new I went, there was always something new to try. The only downside is traffic can be horrendous, especially if you work downtown or anywhere past spaghetti junction.
Living in one of the fastest-growing cities in America, I am extremely grateful that I live here. With the education in this city being the best in Georgia and Fulton County, my parents could not be happier either. In addition, the recent construction of the Avalon near my house has driven up real estate price; Avalon, almost like a town-within-a-town concept, is a very modern and insanely popular area within Alpharetta that is busy with people almost every single day. I would not change a thing about this town, and I don't think anyone else would either.
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