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Our town has recently had several D.E.A. operations for Methamphetamine producing laboratories.
It is a small city on Lake Huron. The natural environment provides plenty of opportunities for the outdoors oriented people.
Alpena is a very traditional small town. It is slowing growing and becoming a better place to live.
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We have to only fresh water marine sanctuary. It's very interesting to go and check out ship wrecks and such.
When I'm at home I feel very safe. We rarely lock our door except for when we are sleeping.
The reaction time to a 911 call is great. When you call they will be there within minutes.
We have all four seasons. Our summers are moderate and our winters are usually quite cold.
The best place to go and get food around here is Applebee's. It's not amazing but it's not horrible and it's the best we have.
There is a grocery store down the street that always has very friendly service. Whenever I go in there I feel as if the employees actually care about me and want to help me out.
It's great, unless you are not a snow person
Great for safety, hardly any crime
It is an elderly community, not much involvement
Average, comparable to other cities
The local fair, campgrounds, and nature.
It's great if you are an outdoors person
There should be more diversity in restaurants
There is not much employment, but growing
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There could be some improvement
There is not much diversity in this area
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