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Alpena is a good place to live in. Its a small town but has a lot going on. I grew up in Alpena, and had a pretty decent life here. The cost of living is pretty low, it seems most people here are middle-upper class, however we do have a lot of lower class citizens as well.
Alpena has been a great yet small and safe town to grow up in. The water is beautiful and the best place to spend your summer days.
This is a small port city on the sunrise side of Michigan. What it lacks in commerce it makes up for in local beauty. The bay holds over 200 shipwrecks and is the largest fresh water sanctuary in the country.
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Most areas are great to live in
We have a great police department. Hard working officers.
Small community, cancer center, live and work here
Fundamental Christian conservatives run amok and the town is thriving with them. Some otherwise nice locals and always willing to help out, however down your throat it may be.
Not a lot of choose from.
Most people have to work for minimum wage.
There aren't enough options to choose from.
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