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Police keeps everything under control
It's a great place with diverse ethnicities where we all share our values
I will love to live in this area again because it is an open community, neighbors are friendly, no known gangs, crime reduction, close to community college, kindergarten school, High school, and restaurants.
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In my 19 years living here, all I could say is I've learned a lot. I've learned how my life is not normal. I've seen people been shot in front of me. I've seen dealers, I've seen all the bad. But it's part of life. I can't change my current status but I'm on my way to improving it. Education and the ambition to learn and to succeed are key. And that's what got me out of here and I now live in the beautiful and safe city of Irvine. It's a whole new world out there. But looking back, I'm not ashamed of where I come from, it's what made me.
love all the food around me
The employment in my area is average. Most companies that have easy employment are the fast food industries and big retail stores.
As far as I know there has only been a hand full of incidents (theft) since I've lived here.
There isn't much outdoors space around this area. The beach is about 15 to 20 minutes away and there is also a park near by. The park isn't the best but it has definitely improved by way of available activities like playgrounds and a pod for wild birds over the last few years.
Weather is perfect with very rare major weather issues
Very little events, but the community is welcoming when big events happen
Not much of my concern
Everyone is different and provide a nice sense of diversity
I feel very safe in my neighborhood
Housing is well maintained and spaced
Everything is clean and well maintained
Air quality could be better everywhere
Everyone lives a healthy lifestyle
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Everyone is doing their best to make the community the best it could be
The community is very friendly, safe, and clean, which provides a great living environment.
There are not that many big stores around here. There are mini markets that sell rotten and expired things.
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