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living in michigan we know how to take care of snow because we get so much of it. My father works for the Road Commission, and he is out in overtime very often in the winter. They get the job done. Many people are disrespectful to how much work that our Road Commission does but they don't understand how hard it really is when we have so many roads spread out along such a wide area. Potholes you don't see much of covering up because we don't really have that many of them at least in the town I live in. Road work probably should be looked at a little bit more, but we don't really have the money to work on all of our road end it takes a long time
this is the old is quite average I think. We don't have very good fitness facilities, but you see a lot of people who look and act quite healthy. Yes we have a lot of people with health issues, but it's not too much to do with weight or anything like that. in the town I live in we don't have a lot of drug use however up farther in the state there's a lot of bath salts and heroin epidemics. Here we just have a lot of marijuana users, most being teenagers or young adults. Alcohol on the other hand is very widely used and may be the cause of many alcoholics for health issues in my area.
Honestly, I wish we had more options. We have the fast foods, and we have a few restaurants, but it just gets old. The local restaurants we have are all pretty much the saying, and fast food you can get anywhere so y would u wanna get it at home,
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I think the community aspect of my town is great. We have a lot of people in the community that care so much about all of the communitys members and all of the things that we all need to be happy. Of course there are some who don't care and its like that in any place but I know we have plenty more who cares and who really try than not. we try to work together to keep our community clean, crime free, and friendly. Plenty of people have animals because isn't limited.
I personally grew up in a house that was built by my father is and was remodeled as I was growing up and I've always felt like I lived well. When you passed how is it in town or out in the country it really just depends on who's living there. I guess you could say that about anyplace we don't have apartments for super close houses like they have in the city. I mean yes we have a few apartment buildings but it's hard to even think someone listen apartment around here I could talk to someone who lived in the apartment and not even expect that they do. Its just not normal around here, but what is?
I think our environment is very well kept. There's a lot of country and Woods and hills in park around this area because it's so open and not many people have tore it all down to build houses and cities. However, you still have those people, normally young adults, that just seem to not care and expect everyone else to take care of their mess. It's hard because there are a lot of different views in only a few men sitting on the high chair telling us what the law is.
we tend to see a lot of businesses come in and out in downtown. it's sad because even places that you think are awesome and you would love them to stay and would shop there everyday if you really could always seem to close out. I guess they just don't get a lot of business around here which it's sad to see because for having a town that has 4000 people you think a business could last a little longer than 3 months.
this part is pretty much just mediocre. Yeah we got things to do but we really don't got exciting things to do, we have a pretty nice cost of living but not so nice living quarters. It's like half and half on everything and who wants to be half and half when you can't have it all?
tough one, we don't have a lot of events that wrecked many tourists we have a lot of festivals and events that attract natives. Most people expect our annual Pumpkin Festival or cars and craft showsbecause they live in the area and have went ever since they were children. However, the festivals we have are a once a year thing we don't have many fun activities or things to do every weekend like big cities do. Yes, we have a bowling alley, we have an old theatre and we have restaurants and a few parks, but I guess it's different because you don't feel like anything is new or anything is exciting anymore because you have the same things you've had since you were growing up. Nothing changes, nothing seems different or surprising or worthwhile. I mean, yes, you want to be able to have those places that you've had since you're a child, to go back to and relive those memories but you also want new things that keep create new memories, new ideas, fun times. We just don't seem to have it here.
One of the greatest advantages about living in a small town is that crime really isn't a big issue. Most people in small towns tend to reach out to each other when in need because metaphorically speaking everybody knows everybody. with that being said, one thing bet you see a lot of in small towns and country cities is drug abuse. Most of our crime come from that. Many just feel that there isn't a lot to do here and so they turn to drugs as if it was a great way to pass the day. It's quite ridiculous.
transportation here is not "easy" Persei but at least you can get to where you need to go if you really have to. The only problem is we have to waste more of our gas in our time just two be able to get out about area. But if you really, really wantto travel or visit other family members, you make it possible. I just know that there are plenty of other places in the US that have ut a heck of a lot easier.
I know I am not really in the workforce here in my area, however, from what I hear and from what I see when I Drive past houses or talk to people is that we really don't have too many options here. Many people stayed because its family, Iits what they know, but others just are too lazy and think that if they can't find jobs they want then Iits all the government's fault!
personally, I wish we had more diversity in my area. There are so many people miss judge what the rest the United States actually is because they're so stuck in their ways. How can a society change for the better if only part of that society can see the changes that are happening?
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