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I adore this town. It is a small community, which I love. It is a quite town with very good schools for children. It is very uncommon to hear police sirens or see a horrible crime in the paper. Most things are within walking distance of downtown, which has many shops and restaurants. Uptown has a Walmart, Meijer, and many other stores to buy groceries and household items. There is even a very nice college. Overall, it is a wonderful place to live.
Once we got the Rif Raf out of the neighborhood we haven't had to get ahold of the police at all
We have a quiet little neighborhood. There is an elementary school a block away so there is not a lot of activity around. THe neighbors are good. We enjoy each others company on sunny afternoons
There isn't enough crime in this area to cause a disturbance. However, the police department writes speeding tickets like it is their only job.
Having the convenience of Wal-Mart and Meijer is very nice, however, there are no sit-down restaurants in Alma. The best you will find is the Pizza Sam's shop that is downtown, but it isn't my idea of "fine dining."
Employment in this area is not good. The only well paying jobs here belong to Alma College faculty and staff.
The job outlook in my area is not high. Very few jobs pay much and if you want to work, it usually involves fast food.
We don't have many upscale homes unless you get into the country area or around the golf course.
In our area we basically only have fast food options or lower end restrarunts .
We rarely have community projects, I can only think of one, that happens once a year
It is a small area to live in and we don't have a lot of people coming through. Unless it is a weekend festival or because of the college.
There are a couple gyms in my area. We also have rails to trails where many people walk or ride bikes.
The outdoor activities in my area only consist of a few parks and when we have festivals.
There is not a variety in much of anything. We have few restrarunts in the area and not many family fun places.
The public services in my area tend to put other things before public emergencies. When they are in a hurry they are going a lot faster then the speed limit.
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