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This place is smaller from what I'm use to, but I like it. It's very friendly and nice. It's quiet and has amazing places to see that you thought they wouldn't have. For example, their water park and hiking areas.
Alma is a small rural town. It's full of History. We are called The Spinach Capital of the World. We're a close knit community. It's where I grew up and now where my children are growing up. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Alma definitely feels like home.
Housing cost is expensive for Really crappy housing
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A majority of the people that live here are hateful to those that are different. Alma is a negative environment that I wouldn't want a child to grow up in.
The police are slow at times to respond.
In general, the people that move in around our area are noisy, the children are disrespectful, and very loud.
This area is best for the people who love small towns and nice scenery all around. Most of the people here stay out of your way but some can ruin your day for their shear lack of concern for others.
The area I lived in can simply be described a 'okay.' I lived right across from the high school, which was very convenient for me when I needed to get to school. The neighborhood itself is pretty sad. The people are loud at times, and un-comforting. The houses surrounding the area are sad to look at. It's a depressing scene for such a well-to-do high school to be located. The school itself is probably the best aspect of this specific area. The town of Alma as a whole is a much more friendlier environment than the neighborhood I lived in.
The neighborhood that I live in is the same that I grew up in. Close enough to the local businesses to walk, my neighborhood was not so close that you got the constant noise of the city. Being right next to one of the local schools meant that there were always plenty of families and friends around and that a house was never empty for long. With many teachers and police officers in residence my neighborhood was always a friendly and peaceful place free of crime. Also, during the Fourth of July, fireworks at the local park could be seen just over my backyard fence.
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