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Its a small town. The neighborhood is safe and quiet. The school is a great school. There are different activities for the whole family to do. There are local shop and places to eat.
Having all four seasons here is great. Lately though as we have had some rough winters, it becomes unpleasant to live here not because of the cold but because of struggles that amount from it. In the winter when it snows, there are a lot of snow removal, and tons of accidents occur due to icy roads that were not properly treated. Since we have a small population, we are a last priority to fix downed power lines and have been without power in the winter for up to four days without heat. Potholes also are a big problem and i actually bent my rim because of one.
There is barely any crime here. I have never even heard of a break in. Since there are no police however, underage drinking, and drinking and driving are a big problem.
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There is not much diversity here. Racism is still alive. People are not very nice to one another.
There is plenty to do outdoors here because we have plenty of wide open space. There is a pollution problem because of our proximity to a nuclear plant.
There are absolutely no attractions in this area besides pick-your-own farms. We have no events. No tourists.
People who live here usually commute about an hour to their job because there is no work locally. The job outlook is bleak and there is nothing for teenagers to do for work.
This area is very rural. There is no public transportation, no sidewalks, no respect for anyone outside of a car. There are long country roads, covered in pot holes, with people recklessly speeding down them at all hours of the day. There are never any police around, so everyone gets away with drunk driving.
This is one of the most boring areas to live in. If i had the chance, i would not choose to move here again. There is never anything to do here, and it is not changing anytime soon.
The town has a sense of "if you were't born here, you don't belong here" so newcomers find a very cold welcome. There is no sense of community here. People tend to live in the area long enough for their kids to graduate and then they start to move elsewhere.
There are a few local mom-and-pop shops but the town could desperately use some variety. We have no retail shops, hardly shops of any kind really. There is just not a lot around here and virtually everything requires quite a drive.
We do not have local police and rely on state police. We have a small fore department but its proximity to my house is pretty far. Our taxes are very high and we do not even have local trash pick up or mail delivery.
The towns nearby are very small. We have the typical chains, McDonald's, Wendy's, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway, but that is about it. There are no real restaurants closer than a twenty-five minute drive. The town could desperately use a good restaurant or a healthy chain. There is absolutely no nightlife here besides one local run down bar. This area could use a lot of help.
This area is very mixed. Some areas are blossoming with new developments, where the lawns and gardens are manicured. Other houses are spaced far far apart, and have their own multi-acre lots. Some houses are run down, some are vacant. There are miles and miles of farmland on some roads, and brand new developments on others.
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