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Allouez is a small suburb of Green Bay that offers a safe and welcoming feeling upon entrance. Sanitation and beautification are important in this small town and I am given such a sense of safety from the constant law enforcement that patrols each and every day.
Allouez is a very fun town that in a short 5 minute drive from lambeau field. It has many restaurants such as the village grill. It is a very friendly neighborhood town.
Allouez is a friendly community. Everything is hometown here. Whatever your needs are it is close by. Raising a family in here is safe and good place to grow up.
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It appears that sometimes the police do not focus on stopping the people who are actually causing problems but rather they worry/focus on people who are simply citizens.
I love living here in Allouez. Small town residential feel but lots of things to do within Green Bay and within 30 miles of us.
This is a great place to live!
Lambeau Field is a must stop for any visitor. Stop at the Packer Pro Shop and pick up our winning team apparel. Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of Lambeau Fields finest restaurants like Curly's Pub. Watch the packers practice in July and August. Stop by the National Train Musuem and tour the old Chicago Northwestern depot and trains. Wineries are a favorite people. Ledgeview wineries is a frequent stop for many. Bay Beach is well known for low ticket price rides and has many favorite rides such as the rain ride and the zippin pippen! Across the street you can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary. NEW Zoo Reforstation Camp is an awesome place for families young and old. This ZOO continues to grow each year! Come stop downtown for Wednesday Farmers Market and on Saturdays, too !
Look for good schools, quiet street, nice houses
The streets have included a section for bikes on some limited side streets. Public transportation is available on my street. A bus stops at regular intervals! Traffic concerns are constructions in local highway as they are making improvements. Traffic tends to get heavy especially around peak driving hours and Packer football season!
Depends from year to year but our winters are very unpredictable. Winter can have a combination of severe snowstorms And blizzards to below zero weather ranging from -0 to -25 with windchill. Spring can either come early or appear late. It usually depends on how hard the winter was and the snowfall. With summer comes humidity. We usually suffer with humidity in July and August. Summer can stay late into Sept. And Oct. Then weather will start to change and fall weather can be felt.
I frequently shop at Target! It has all the essentials that I need. The mall in the Green Bay Area could be more than desireable by adding more hip stores such as H & M. There are many grocery stores in my area! We have local farmers markets from early summer to late fall. There are a couple of great coffee shops like Lox stock and Bagel in Green Bay and Luna's in West Depere.
no problems in the area
Webster Avenue Market- great place to get food!
The Bar has awesome wings and criss-cross fries, lots of good pizza places and grills.
All depends on the career you are looking for. Some people will have a tough time finding a specific position in their field.
Austin's grocery store is a popular shop that the community frequently goes to, to pickup various items. There are a few shops and restaurants, but it's more fun to check out downtown De peer which is a short bike ride or drive away.
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