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Overall, the city of Alliance has grown tremendously. The availability of shopping and places to eat has completely changed in recent years. Great for accommodating the students as well as the locals. Looking forward to see the city grow in the near future.
I do not like Alliance at all. The town is so small, it is like a very small version of canton without any class. I have not met anyone there that is nice and offers to help. I would like to see more law enforcement in the city.
Alliance is small rural town with a great and welcoming community. Everything seems to slow down and relax in Alliance and the people are very invested in the town. A relatively diverse city with old and young families alike, there are so many great people to meet. While Alliance is a growing city, there is always something going on and you will find community members very involved in the activities that take place in their city.
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Alliance has grown a ton in the past few years. New restaurants and stores have opened up, and business is booming. There is so much to do, especially in the downtown area, which is home to Jupiter Studios. On Friday and Saturday nights, all the locals make their way to the Jupiter to hear live music, enjoy great food, and have a few drinks. The nightlife is wonderful and the city is beautiful at night.
Alliance has a 4 year university called Mount Union, which is very popular for football, a satellite branch of Stark State College. There are numerous things to do within the town including Silver Park and walking trails. The only thing that could use improvement would be our economy, but Alliance is located near larger cities offering a vast array employment, shopping and more exciting things to do for everyone.
The the most important aspect of Alliance, Ohio, is that it is a mid-size community with a small town feel. I am the third generation to have been raised in Alliance and because of this, I have many friends and family members who are always there for me, willing to help whenever needed. I feel very connected to Alliance, mainly because my grandfather and mother were educators in our town. This has afforded me some unique opportunities to get to know people and to become involved in the city through many volunteer opportunities through the YMCA, the Salvation Army and the Alliance Food Pantry. The one thing I would improve about Alliance is to increase entertainment opportunities for teenagers in the city. Therefore, I would increase organizations and opportunities for teens to become involved.
It's a pretty small town with everything pretty close by and easy to get to. We have basically all of stores you need. But I would have to say that we need more actual restaurants and some signs need fixing. As well as the occasional bad plowing in the winter.
Alliance has absolutely nothing for teens to do and very limited family things. To find things to do you must drive a minimum of 30 minutes. The shopping is limited only a handful of stores, and employment is horrible. Without employment that a family can survive off of most are either forced to work two jobs and apply for assistance. The main jobs in this town are minimum wage and there is no way to raise a family this way
I like that stores are within 5 miles of me if I need anything. The change in would love to see in alliance is the crime. The past few years things have just gotten worse. The street I live on is crowded with drug dealers and there is nothing the city is doing about it. I've decided to go to school so I can get afford my daughter put of this neighborhood. She doesn't deserve to grow up somewhere that we have to check the yard for needles before she can play outside.
A nice community that is continually improving. A nice place to live and work but a large portion of the popultion lives below the poverty line. Lots of local things to do for a city of its size!
I have grown up in Alliance. Growing up, it was a small town, but when I visit my parents now, I see several restaurants and businesses. I think the growth is great.
Police Response is Very Quick
It's a college Town, Lots of Restaurants and Events Happen Throughout the year. It is a very joy able place to live
Alliance has been a good place to grow up. The job industry has not been growing as quickly as other areas. The jobs that are becoming available are mostly in the food industry, which are not your typically higher paying jobs.
As stated previously, we do have our share of crime and drug activity. Our police department is working hard to fight the war on drugs, especially meth, which seems to be the drug of choice in my area. They are always adding new departments, like a representative for juveniles and crimes against women, which will help to improve those areas in our city.
I have grown up in this area and find that there is a need for more outlets for teenagers. We have a lot of restaurants, but not a teen gathering place, per se. We recently got a Starbuck's in Alliance, but it is quite pricey for some teens. Many of my friends and I will go to Applebees for 1/2 off appetizers because it is more affordable to eat out this way with a group of people. We do have some drug and crime issues in Alliance, but I think that is reflective of society as a whole.
Crime is pretty well under control for the most part. However, the drug problem is growing.
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This city has an expanding food industry. A lot of other businesses popping up in the last few years as well.
some crime but I feel safe living here
Small community almost everyone knows everyone
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