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In Alliance, I like how everyone knows everyone. I like how our community tries to come together. I also like how connected we become through the high school sporting events. There are several things I would like to see change, though. I believe drugs are a huge problem in our area. So many people are struggling with addiction to drugs, and in some areas, it is ruining our town. I also think our school system is suffering. Students are not getting the education they need, and it's not the teachers' faults. I think the lack of funding for education is wearing on the schools.
I Love living in a small town. It's nice that if you have problems or are in need, everyone pitches in to help you. The downside is that everyone knows your business.
The police are usually right on top of things.
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Need the railroad to call back the people they laid off. But overall it's a great town.
It is an okay place to raise a family. Very small town.
Weather in Nebraska is commonly connected to the psychological term bi-polar. It is very inconsistent, and on this part of the state, it is most often very dry. We can go from having days in January and February that are in the 40's and 50's area for temperature to snow storms in late may. Even in a single day, the weather can change from ice storms to a beautiful 80 degree day.
The quality of the food of the non-fast food variety are fairly mediocre. I haven't been a part of the bar or nightlife scene, as I am still a senior in high school, but from what I have seen, there is not very many good quality options to spend your time in such a way here.
The main employer of Alliance with the best paying wages is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. Both my father and my stepfather work for the railroad here, as do a significant portion of the population. This employment is in fairly high demand in Alliance and can be a more difficult job to acquire, considering there is a fairly low set of requirements. other jobs in the area are fairly low wage and low enjoyment levels.
In my town, our variety of restaurants is fairly limited. We have four authentic Mexican food restaurants, two steak houses, two pizza joints, and a handful of common fast food places. In comparison to the size of our town, we have a decent amount of places to eat, but the availability of nice, high quality meals is low. The businesses mainly used to be mom-and-pop businesses, but lately, corporate businesses such as McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Kmart, and Bomgaars have taken over the market significantly.
I do not really keep up with the public services in the area, which I am trying to worker harder at. But I believe that we have a good reaction time of police and fire services. However, I think our police can be stronger than they are. I believe our local city council representatives are good candidates for the positions they hold. I believe that the people on our School Board should be people that know more about our schools. For example, the president of the school board home schools their children, which shows that he doesn't want his children to be in the public school system. Also, there are no members who have children who attend the schools, which I think would be an important part of being a strong school board member. Maybe they could even change it so we have a high school student as a member of the school board.
I feel very safe in this town. I can walk outside on my own and not be afraid of having something happen to me or witness a crime happening anywhere. The main problem with this area, I believe, is drugs. Many people are selling and buying drugs. But we have a pretty good police force and they are taking care of as many of these people as they can, which makes me feel secure.
The weather in this area, to me, is completely tolerable. The winters can be bitterly cold, but other than that the weather is great. In the summer I always look forward to the thunderstorms that our area receives. This is my personal opinion because I love thunderstorms, although some people may not enjoy them. Sometimes, our winter season may run a little longer than usual, but the spring season is my favorite. The weather is always calm and just the right temperature. We never have to worry about huge natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. The only natural disasters we have ever experienced since I have lived here are a few tornado warnings and also a few severe thunderstorms. But other than that, the weather here is great.
In this area, the best places to look for jobs would be either the BNSF Railroad or jobs in agriculture. The railroad attracts many workers from all over the country to our area and I believe that without this railroad, we would not have many of the people living here as we do now. Farming jobs also attract many people due to the fact that we live in the midwest and are surrounded by many fields that are used to grow various things. If you do not want to be employed with either of these areas, I don't think this town is a good place to look for employment. It would not be impossible to find employment, but it wouldn't be an easy task either.
We have mostly fast food restaurants in town, including places like McDonalds and Arby's. My favorite restaurants are the locally owned ones like our Mexican restaurants and a couple sit down places. Their food is homemade and to me that makes it better and more enjoyable to eat there. I think there could be more nicer restaurants for special occasions. I would like to see places that I could go on a nice date to or where I can go to enjoy a fancy meal on occasions such as prom night.
When it comes to groceries and things for around the house, the businesses in this area are a great choice for finding what you need. However, it's not ideal when looking to buy clothes or shoes. We have a few stores such as ShopKo and Kmart that sell clothes, but not at a terrific quality. Also, when searching for dresses the stores here do not have very many so I always shop in other towns for dresses and dress shoes.
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