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Although it is a small town with few jobs, it has a lot of potential and opportunities to better yourself. I would definitely choose to live here again if given the choice. The future of this town is unpredictable but I hope to see improvements over the years.
We have several events through the year such as the MUFD's annual gun drawing and Creation Festival. A year-round favorite is the Thousand Steps.
The winters are freezing, spring is completely unpredictable,summers are hot and deathly humid, and fall makes the landscape beautiful. Thunderstorms and snow are our worst weather related issues. There is no "essential items" in a person's wardrobe around here. You have to have a variety or you'll be improperly dressed for the weather on any given day.
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There are a few decent family-owned restaurants in the area, but the only decent bar is the VFW. There are no clubs or "nightlife."
If you live in Mount Union, you either travel somewhere else to work or you work in a factory. The amount of lay-offs are proof that the outlook for the town is horrible.
we have few local bar owner and mom and pops restaurants
there is few jobs in the area
I live in a very rural area have to travel 1/2 hour to do major shopping.
Family owned ice cream shops, and small stores.
It is a small town but has the proper shops needed.
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