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Nice and peaceful. The city is growing and houses Grand Valley State University. Great place to raise a family.
Allendale is a great small town to live in. Although, I can not imagine that I would love living there if I wasn't a Grand Valley student. I enjoyed my four years in Allendale tremendously. I have also heard that it is a great place to raise a family.
Such a clean & nice area
Everytime I come here I enjoy myself, the people are so nice and friendly. There are a lot of things to do as well, and the City is only 20 minutes away.
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Allendale has a very welcoming feel to its environment. I thoroughly enjoy the strong community that can be found among the citizens here and will always value the city's sense of safety found throughout the area. In the future, I would love to see more opportunities offered to become involved in the city's growth.
Allendale is a small college town west of Grand Rapids, MI. I like that it is not too far away from a metropolitan area and that it is rich with college life! I would like to see more mainstream restaurants and bars open in the Allendale area like Buffalo Wild Wings and bigger bar venues to handle more traffic for social gatherings!
Rarely do I hear about crime because it is a well kept area.
The atmosphere is extremely friendly to the point of me never feeling unsafe any time of day. I would want to live here for a vast number of years if possible.
I've never had an issue or heard of any major issues with crime in this area, police seem to be abundant and ready to help if necessary.
This area has a wonderful atmosphere, I would plan to live here again if I could do it all over again and I would like to continue living here in my future. With the beach only 20 minutes away and the wonderful downtown atmosphere also only 20 minutes away, you get the best of both worlds.The future in this area is just going to improve it's atmosphere.
There's barely any crime in Allendale.
I don't mind leaving in Allendale, there's not a lot to do because there aren't very many businesses and restaurants. The nice thing about Allendale is its close to everything and their are some nice parks
There are crimes but I feel safe inside the GV campus.
There isn't much in Allendale except for Grand Valley. The good thing is that Grand Rapids is not far as well as Rivertown.
I love living in Allendale. The university I attend is beautiful and perfect for me. Overall the quality of the area is great, it's kept up nicely, the people are friendly, and it's simply a great environment.
There are times of concern but overall okay. Forces are easily accessible.
The community is small but I can't imagine being anywhere else at the moment. It is easy to navigate and get around with public transportation. Close community is key.
I have never seen an arrest or a crime committed in the Allendale area.
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There are a lot of useful businesses in the area. There are many gas stations, stores, fast food, an restaurants in the nearby area. The mobile home park in which I live, is in need of repair and better maintenance.
I really have no concerns.
the prices to rent a house are very affordable, however, the quality is low
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