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Allendale Charter Township Reviews

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A rural feel with an urban connection. Located near the major city of Grand Rapids, which offers many activities such as museums, restaurants, and acclaimed festivals and events. In addition, Allendale is the home of a major university; Grand Valley State Univeristy. .
Allendale has a fantastic school system, which is why we moved here and why we have stayed. It is centrally located between Holland, Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids and home to Grand Valley State University. My only criticism is that it is a bit conservative, but as more people move in, there is a shift in attitude and it has become more welcoming.
Nice community to live in. However, roads do not get plowed promptly even after 3-5 inches have been accumulated.
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I would definitely live here again if I could do it all over, I'm just not sure if I would live here my whole life. This area is great, the people are nice, the location of it is great since it's so close to Lake Michigan, and it has the small town feel while still being close enough to larger cities, like Grand Rapids. However, it is a very conservative and not very diverse town, so while I love living there, I would like to go and experience living somewhere where there is more diversity.
There seems to be little crime in Allendale, especially serious crime.
I love the city I live in, its close to school and my job is very close. I do not like my apartment complex because they take advantage of college kids. But I am moving to a new complex which is much better than my current one.
I feel very safe in this area and I hardly see any crimes. I do not really have any concerns with anything concerning crime and safety.
I would choose to live here if I had a choice. I like it because it's close to some bigger towns with options for entertainment, but it's rural enough. The school's are great with amazing teachers.
Rarely do I hear about crime around here.
Allendale is a great place to live and great for families.
The Grand Rapids area is an impeccable place to live. Grand Rapids, Michigan has a mass amount of amenities, opportunities, and community. Grand Rapids compared to other areas stands higher than most. While just recently voted Beer City, U.S.A., Grand Rapids continues to grow every day. With events like art prize, swing dancing, and many successful restaurants, Grand Rapids births many cultured and vibrant people. At this rate of growth Grand Rapids will expand exponentially. Had given the chance to live any where, there is truly no other city I would want to be from.
There are some small businesses
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