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Safe areas, you'll always see a cop around. Everyone knows your situation whcih sucks but overall nice.
Allendale is a beautiful town located only a short drive away from NYC. The people are nice and the schools and sports programs are insanely good.
There is practically no crime where I live. I just wish that the police were more visible on a day-to-day basis. They only seem to be outside at the end of the month or when school is getting out early for things like prom.
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The town I live in is great. I've been blessed with a great education, nice friends, safe home, and so much more. It is an ideal place to raise kids. The only reason why I am not saying that my town "is the best" is because with so many great things, it sets people up for failure. My high school is ranked third in the state; our school sports teams are constantly winning championships; our students are going to the best colleges. This is all great, but if you aren't a star athlete, top notch student, or something like a prodigy, then you feel an external pressure from everyone's success around you. Other than that, however, my town is great.
The police live right around the corner and are always minutes from being on the scene
The weather is all around a mix. My house value has risen since 2008 and it is worth living here if you have kids. Our neighbors are extremely friendly and most of them are now my bestfriends.
Lots of small stores but also lots of malls and big stores.
People in NJ can't drive in snow. Summer is nice because we can go to the beach.
People live pretty long. Lots of pets. Lots of divorces.
Lots of places but expensive.
Lots of local restaurants and chains.
Not much in small town. Local carnival and school sponsored stuff
Not much crime in small town.
Volunteer fireman are great. Local police are great too. Not very involved in politics.
Easy to get to Jersey Shore. Lots of choices that are driveable
People take care of their properties
Living close to New York is good and Northern NJ has lots to do.
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Looking for a job is hard and many people can't find the jobs they want.
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