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Never had an issue, never needed to call police
Everyone here is extremely welcoming. Love it here
I would prefer to live more south or out west, I love the warm weather and the people here are not always very nice. I am originally from Virginia, and the people from where I am from are a lot nicer than those up north here.
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Lehigh Valley mall has all the retail stores you can think of. I can get anything locally and not have to drive more than 15 minutes.
This area rarely has any major natural disasters. It has all four seasons so there are times when snow from the winter can impact work commute. Besides that,Ii feel it is very balanced.
This location is a center for commuters. It is close to major highways and cities. There are opportunities for all types of jobs including blue and white collar jobs and careers.
This area has very good quality of housing. Some homes are older which need work on them but they have a good foundation. There are also new homes in developments and this area continues to grow. Many people look for this area when thinking of moving outside of the cities but still close for commutes.
Blue mountain ski resort. One of the only ski resorts in the area. The next closest one is in the Poconos which is over an hout away. The Lehigh Valley has Dorney Park which is a popular amusement park. People will travel from different states to come to those attractions.
Since I left for college, crime is going up. And Allentown is mostly a major shit hole where the new hockey arena is
Mostly for people who have less than a college degree
There are a lot of the same restaurants and they are all in the same area
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