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I like it here because most people are welcoming and our neighbors are awesome people. I see myself living in Fort Wayne or in another state.
People are friendly and town is homey.
I feel pretty safe because I live out in the country. In town, drugs are the primary problem but it's not a huge problem. Some gun violence occurs in the city areas but it's pretty contained to certain areas.
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Living in a house is the primary option for most. Some apartments and condos are available. Many of the houses are small, but some are moderate, and a few are very large, especially when you get into lake areas.
If you go into the city area there is an abundance of shops. Smaller areas have a lot of family owned stores. There is a winery, a paintball pled, movie theaters, theaters, botanical gardens, restaurants, a mall, universities, fair grounds, libraries, farm/home/hardware stores, secondhand stores, chain restaurants, a zoo, etc.
There are a number of jobs available but most of them are in factories, schools, or stores.
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