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The weather is alright. It can be weird sometimes and shift overnight from hot to cold, so I would always have a sweatshirt with you.
The balance between mom and pop stores and big companies is pretty fair.
Most of the people are very kind and religious. Some are political and will let you know, but most people keep their issues to themselves.
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Nothing attracts people to this area. There is nothing but small towns and farm land here.
Jobs are hit and miss around here. You can drive a bit and work in a factory or, iron foundry, and make decent money.
The area is really pretty safe. It's the country so you really don't see to many cops around. But home protection is a natural aspect of the community.
I live in the country. There are no sidewalks or busses. If you don't have a license then you better find a ride or walk. The busiest road out here is a highway.
There are a lot of little mom and pop diners around that somehow, are still alive. Their food and prices are great! Your options are limited unless you want to take a drive but, it can be worth it.
Small town Indiana is exactly what you think it is, farmland and woods. It's all flat with some parks, but the pollution is low, and the air is clean.
I live in the country. I love it and hate it, if you want some sort of entertainment you have to drive a little ways to town.
Most people in the community mainly keep to themselves unless approached. If approached they are friendly for the most part.
There are a few gyms in the area to go and work out in, but there is also a walking trail. The trail gives people who don't have the money for a gym membership a chance to get exercise.
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