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Allen Park is a quiet gem within the Downriver Area. It's residents are friendly and welcoming and it's a safe place to live. When you're in Allen Park, you're minutes from everything from trendy shops, bars and restaurants downtown to the shopping mecca of "The Hill" on the north end of the city. Allen Park's schools have always had a reputation for excellence and as mentioned, Allen Park is safe...we like it that way and our men an women in blue keep it that way. Don't believe it? Just enter the city via the Southfield Fwy over 55 MPH and find out for yourself. A great time to check out the city is during the yearly festival Downtown.
Allen Park is a great community. It has a lot of shopping locally, and also is an easy commute to many locations. It has a cute downtown area with restaurants, bakeries, and some shopping. Allen Park has a great school system, and has many parks. Great place to live!!
I absolutely love the city of Allen Park. I grew up in Allen Park and attended Allen Park public schools. One day, I would love to raise my kids here.
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I enjoy the convened on Baker College and grocery stores close to my home. I love that the neighborhood is quite and clean. The one thing I would change is more trees to be planted to clean the air.
Allen Park is a great, easy going place to get a starter home, begin a family, or even lay down roots. Though it may not be a mecca of arts or culture, Allen Park has its own charms and keeps drawing people into its quaint festivals and fairs.
I love my town. It's a quiet neighborhood with a good school district and very accomidating and resourceful neighbors. I've lived here for 3 years with my husband and it still my favorite place.
Allen Park is a small town, but its full of fun. It has clean streets and lots of parks. New restaurants have been popping up recently including Griffs Pub and Luke & Lulu's, both are amazingly delicious. The community center has a nice little fitness center and hosts lots of classes and community events. I've lived in several different communities over the years but Allen Park is by far the safest and friendliest.
It's pretty nice. My street is especially aesthetic in the fall because we have a lot of trees that change color. Unfortunately, like so many places in Michigan, we have a lot of potholes in the area. Also, on M39 in Allen Park, the police seem to act like giving tickets on its freeway is their only source of income. The thing is, they seem to pull people over that go 2mph over the speed limit when they should really focus on the people who constantly switch lanes often without even indicating.
The crime, in my opinion, for this area is very low. If there is crime the police get there in a decent amount of time. There's never really a problem with too much crime
Depending on the area you live in, Allen park can be a great city. The school system is very good and the safety is well. Police respond fairly quickly as well as fire.
You don't see to many abandoned buildings in the area, if you do they aren't an eyesore and usually go unnoticed. I would say over the years the neighborhood has stayed quite the same, many younger couples moving in the area to start their families, which is nice to see. This would mostly be due to the decent housing prices in the area.
Overall, it gives a warm sense of community many friendly faces as you are passing by, even walking around the block people will often stop and chit-chat for awhile. People tend to stay for a long time especially raising families in the area, it has great choices for education whether it be public or private, and it is close enough to expressways to make driving towards the larger universities easy. The events leave something to be desired, but being a smaller community this is to be expected, there are farm markets and the annual craft show which draws quite a bit of attention.
It happens, but resolved quickly and quitely
Pretty decent area to grow up in, safe and secure.
This city is a very average place to live. While there are things to do, it does stay quiet. Not many activities happening but there are many exciting things nearby.
This is a very good area to live in to raise a family. Small town with lots access to daily needs. Very good school district and excellent teachers. The area is a desired area for many young new couples and a lot of community involvement.
This city is a great place to live. The best thing is the sense of community and how people come together here. The schools here are a great place to go and have a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
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The general atmosphere of this area in terms of community is amazing; neighbors, classmates, etc. are like family because of how nice people are. However, there's really not much to do except for seasonal events and the like. Plus, I've heard of more crimes around the area.
The area is definitely beginning to boom as far as new businesses and opportunities. If I preferred to live in a city, this is where I would stay; although, I am more inclined to live in an area more spaceous and eco-friendly.
The area in general is an older middle class community. It is a zero growth city because there is no room for any new development.
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