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Allen is an all around good community, good schools, great places to shop, and a safe place to live. little to none crime and there is always places hiring, Allen is in the middle of Plano and McKinney so you're close to their shopping centers and restaurants
Plenty of restaurants, shopping and great schools, including Lovejoy High School and Allen High School. We also have the Allen Event Center which brings sporting, events, concerts, and live performances. There is no reason to venture out of Allen, Texas, as we have it all right here in our city!
I grew up in allen. It's a great place to raise a family. The schools are great and there is a good community of people. There's decent shopping even though it's just a suburb.
Great city for a family, great schools, plenty of public spaces and safe parks along with a lovely variety of food options. Safe and quiet town.
Allen is a rapidly growing suburban area of Dallas, TX. Although growing, it still has a small town feel. Surrounded by McKinney and Frisco, it sits in the center of it all-The Village of Allen, Fairview and Allen Premier Outlet malls that attract thousands of tourists.
I have lived in Allen for about 8 years and I feel like it has grown so much since in have moved here. It is a very convenient area, not too far from other cities or stores. I love living here, and I think it's a great and safe place to be.
I have lived in Allen my entire life, I have loved watching this small town boom as time goes on. The iconic high school is very fun and the whole community is full of caring people who all work to get along and do the right thing. Everyone idolizes their high school football team. Athletics is really the basis for this community and it brings us together as a small suburban town making it big. I would like to see that small town cleaned up a bit and some of the places restored and beautified. This small town is in need of some growing to fit the population of this proud town.
I have lived around here my whole life. It is a great place to live and I have also been working for the city for almost four years.
I moved here to this area about 4 years ago and have absolutely enjoyed my time here. The city is well organized and has a lot to offer. The school district here is phenomenal as well.
I love Niche, what a great easy website. It's easy to use and accessible to many scholarships fast, I love that everything is accessible and open.
I have lived in Allen for over 30 years and have seen it grow from a little country-like town to a big city. It has become a great place for families to live and have their kids grow up. The school system is top notch and supplies the kids with every learning opportunity a child and young adult needs to find out who they want to be and what career they want to pursue. They have everything from science and art, to culinary and film, and everything in-between. Allen also has plenty of businesses and companies that supply jobs for thousands and help give young adults experience in the working world.
I lovingly refer to Allen as "The Bubble". Nearly everything you need is no more than 15 minutes away and, though it is a lovely place to live, it is a bit insulated. Most people in the area know each other but are very welcoming to new people and outsiders. The schools are some of the best in the DFW area and they know it. Overall it is a comfortable, family-friendly environment that I do not regret being a part of.
Quiet neighborhood filled with family Christian values. I've lived here for the past 10years and absolutely love it. The city is in constant growth without disrupting its roots.
Allen is a great city. It is peaceful, there are several parks, and a great school system exists in this city. Great place to raise a family!
The area around this street harbors little to no crime that would create disturbances for any of the neighbors, so people here are ensured of their security. In this area, the police are always monitoring the streets, so everyday one could see them on patrol during the day and night time. They are quick to answer any calls and are always active on the streets.
Lots to do within a days drive.
I rarely see anything that concerns me related to crime/safety.
There are more parks, more restaurants, more shopping options, more medical facilities/doctors in the area. The home values are increasing.
The crime is almost nonexistent.
Great place for community and a family.
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