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I was born in Germany in 1984 because my dad was in the military and when i turn 1 yrs old in1985 we came to the states in Texas. We found a home in Allen and thats when I started to grow up watching Allen grow from country which it was quite and it turned into a city which is noisy, at least the neighbor hood is quite. As of now still in the same neighbor hood and still in the same house it has been a crazy journey becoming a responsible adult and trying to do something in my life. I'm 32 yrs old and want to learn about Game Testing Design.
We just moved to Allen and so far I have been very impressed! Just a few days ago someone from the city came by our house to welcome us and they brought goodies with them, I don't think that has ever happened to us from a city before. Also in the area where we are at we have access to just about everything you can think of, so the location and what is offered in Allen is great! Finally the area where we are is very quite and seems safe. No complaints so far
Allen is a great city due to the many stores that are provided in the city. There's lots of stuff for a family to do and everything is super close to you instead of being far away. The schools are great due to having excellent teachers and the really help kids get the great education they need to make it in life.
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We bought our home in Allen in Feb. of 2017. Upon arriving our first day, we had several neighbors come out to greet us and welcome us to the neighborhood. Just our short time here, we have never felt so welcome, safe and at home as we have felt with our city, our neighbors and all of the businesses we have visited. I had to call the city because of some issues I was having with our garbage. I have never been treated so nicely by a city official than when I called here. She even asked me if there was anything she could do to help us get situated in our new home. Sent me a welcome packet and told me to call her if there was any questions I had about water, garbage or any other city responsibility. We signed up our 3yr old for soccer with the Allen Sports Association and they accepted up with open arms. I am so proud to call Allen our home and look forward to spending our future years ahead here!
Good environment to live in. Plenty of job opportunities. Everything is in close proximity to each other. Apartments are nice but for the most part affordable. There are plenty of places to shop including the village in Fairview and Allen outlets. Rather you catch a Friday night high school football game at the million dollar football stadium, choose to attend a concert at the Allen Event Center there are plenty of things to do for entertainment especially on the weekends.
Allen is a very nice city to raise a family. Once considered one of the safest towns in the state of Texas. The school district is one of the most recognized in not only Texas but in the united states. Allen also once held the title of having the largest high school marching band in the United states. Within the past 5 years it has developed tremendously with the addition of more malls, outlet store, and entertainment facilities.
Allen is safe and your typical suburban area. Kids have little to do here unless your parents give you money. It's hard to stay out of trouble when there is little to do and nowhere to go. Everything is far apart and a car is necessary to get around. The police in this area are so bored that they often follow people's cars around town just to find something to do. It would be a great city for a family with small children, but after the teenage years hit, I would be moving somewhere else.
It is a wonderful place to live its more up class than most places. The neighborhoods are kept up and pretty quite. They have wonderful schools.
Allen is a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas. I have grown up in Allen since my childhood, and overall it is a great place to raise a family. Real estate in Allen has recently been skyrocketing as more families move here from around the area and from other states across the nation. As a result, prices for many goods and services have also increased significantly since I have grownup. Allen ISD has consistently ranked high in SAT scores, ACT scores, and AP scores relative to neighboring districts.
Allen is a wonderful place to live. Allen has lowered property tax Allen was voted the best neighborhood in Dallas, TX and a wonderful place to live.
Convenient to world-class dining and shopping (Dad likes to eat as much as Mom likes to shop!) Close to all amenities the major Metropolis of Dallas has to offer (29 miles) Nationally recognized public school system (You do want Junior to get a good education so that he can comfortably provide for the next generation of puppies, right?) Recreational parks and sports facilities offer something for enthusiasts of all ages
Allen is a lovely city to live with families. Quiet and friendly neighborhood. Highway 75 is the most convenient route to go elsewhere in Dallas. Allen is a clean and healthy city. There are many schools. Including a community college near by.
Currently a lot of construction on Hwy 75, hopefully it will clear up some of the traffic congestion during rush hour. Overall a great city to live in with a little of everything.
Allen is a very safe community to live in. Majority of my life has been part of this city and I encourage the outdoor activities and places to venture around this area.
It's a nice suburb of Dallas. It's a great place to raise children with an amazing school system. the schools divide money evenly between programs including the arts, technology and of course sports.
One of the cleanest and wealthiest cities in DFW. great people, great schools. I have never been anywhere quite like allen
Allen is an all around good community, good schools, great places to shop, and a safe place to live. little to none crime and there is always places hiring, Allen is in the middle of Plano and McKinney so you're close to their shopping centers and restaurants
Plenty of restaurants, shopping and great schools, including Lovejoy High School and Allen High School. We also have the Allen Event Center which brings sporting, events, concerts, and live performances. There is no reason to venture out of Allen, Texas, as we have it all right here in our city!
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I grew up in allen. It's a great place to raise a family. The schools are great and there is a good community of people. There's decent shopping even though it's just a suburb.
Great city for a family, great schools, plenty of public spaces and safe parks along with a lovely variety of food options. Safe and quiet town.
Allen is a rapidly growing suburban area of Dallas, TX. Although growing, it still has a small town feel. Surrounded by McKinney and Frisco, it sits in the center of it all-The Village of Allen, Fairview and Allen Premier Outlet malls that attract thousands of tourists.
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