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Allegheny Township is a wonderful place to live. You have the country living but close to the city of Pittsburgh.
its okay area many local businesses are suffering.
There is not much crime in this area, and if so it is very rare. Most of the crimes that occur happens in the lower class town close to us. Police are always quick to the scene. There are always police driving around or sitting somewhere close.
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There are three fire departments in this area, so that is good. There are also many potholes that need to be filled, but they are slowly filling them. From what i know, the police and fire stations arrive fairly quickly.
There are many parks near this area, the one closest is actually pretty big, but you have to travel to some other parts of it to get where you would like. The main area on the park has a lake, where you can fish and used to be able to pattle boat in! There are many pavilions for picnic or parties and even a boat house for an indoor party! There is also a path around the lake that is about a mile long that many people walk, jog, run and even ride their bikes around! Also there are multiple playgrounds for children to play on! There is a lot of grass space and plenty of garbage cans so there is no pollution. Although with the pond there is a lot of goose poop you have to watch out for on the walk ways and in the grass!
The winter in this area has been harsh in the past couple years, this past winter we had many cancellations from school, which is rare, there is a lot of snow and below freezing temperatures sometimes! In the fall, it is still starting to get cooler out but not freezing like winter. The summers are usually pretty hot, and sometimes even rainy. And in the spring it is very rainy out a lot, and this is the season where you see the most thunderstorms. Fortunately, with the small area of the town, anywhere you need to go is about 5-10 minutes away, so unless it is extremely snowy out, you can get to your destination. It is very windy here the most of the time though, so other than in the summer it is a bit chilly.
There are many restaurants and fast food places in the area. There is a family owned Italian restaurant that is reasonably priced, many fast foods such as mcdonalds, wendys and sheetz, and late night restaurants such as kings and dennys. Also there are a few smaller business places, such as sub shops, bakeries. On top to the Italian restaurant, there are also many Chinese restaurants and a Mexican restaurant nearby.
The majority of jobs in this area are more for teens and young adults looking for a first job or just trying to get some money. Most of the jobs are part time, and around minimum wage jobs. Although there is a nursing home, a hospital, a steel mill and 2 colleges nearby that people can work out for a more "realistic" job.
There are many restaurants and small places to grab something to eat, and also many gas stations and many little stores. There is also 3 grocery stores and 2 dollar stores to shop at. The major companies are pizza places, aldis, and sheetz. There are not any jobs in the field that i plan to pursue in this area.
There are plenty of sunny days. The weather is great.
Local business is great. Tons of great places with wonderful staff.
There are plenty of great places to eat.
Housing is pretty great here.
It is very safe here.
The employment in this area is great, but could be better.
There is a good mix of blue collar & manufacturing jobs located in our immediate area & it's an easy commute to the Pittsburgh job market from where we live.
In our immediate area, there is mainly locally owned businesses that are limited in choices and hours of operation. Our choices of popular shops & restaurants are within a 30 minute drive.
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