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It's okay, its just boring. I'd rather be somewhere more exciting
It's not a terrible place to live, but a lot of work could be done around here to make it nicer and more appealing. Some of the streets are trashy and even some of the houses are, but it doesn't seem to bother as many people as it should. There are areas where it looks so nice, but it costs way to much for an income like mine to afford then the ones i could afford to live in are complete trash. Areas like that really don't need to be like that, but no one will take care of it. You'll mostly meet a lot of stuck up people around here that only care for themselves. Every now and again you can find a nice, sincere person. Depends on what type of neighborhood you're in I guess.
Crime is not very common, and the crime that does occur is very hidden and kept quiet.
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This area is driven by chain restaurants, bars, and many fast food stops. The nightlife is limited to sports bars, 1 "nightclub", and smaller locally owned pubs.
The summers are wonderful, but the winters are long and very cold. I don't recommend this area for anyone that does not like cool, and icy/snowy weather from October to May.
The job market in this area is not the best. If an individual has a degree in a specialized area, they may find it easier to find employment. The pay for the average worker is not high unless factory work or railroad interest is their goal.
Public transportation is poor in the area. Safe areas to walk or ride bicycles are not available. Traffic is not really a concern, as this is more a suburban area.
There are not many crimes in this area but whenever an incident does happen the situation is usually resolved quickly and in the appropriate manner. Police are easily found close by and easily contacted if needed.
Everything in this area is fairly easily accessible with provided transportation such as a vehicle, bus, and sometimes bike depending on particular location. There are many new large businesses moving into the area such as Bob Evans, new Sheetz buildings, and retail stores. This area has one of the best malls within a 50 mile radius. Many businesses are also centralized in one are so everything can be accessed at once.
Many residents have moved here in order to accept higher level and higher paying jobs. There are many law firms and self-owned businesses. For students and younger residents there are many starting level positions readily available. There are many opportunities for advancement. Multiple widely known companies have some kind of connection to the area.
We have two seasons in this area: winter and road construction.
As a teenager with a job making just minimum wage, they take way too much from me in taxes.
People tend to move here and live here for the rest of their lives and in Hollidaysburg I suppose there is a sense of "community".
Everything around here is just about average; there is never anything to do.
There is hardly any opportunity for employment here and most people are unhappy with their careers.
The people in this town get in their own swing of things and they do not welcome visitors very nicely. Also, there is absolutely nothing to do in this town.
This town is pretty safe and not much commotion occurs.
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There are not any popular stores located in this area, although there a quite a few mom-and-pop shops but they do not attract much business.
There are multiple nearby parks and gardens and not too much pollution, however, the paper mill in Roaring Spring emits a lot of pollution that is prevalent in Duncansville.
Different parts of town have different qualities of homes. For example, there are high class developments and there are also slums and trailer parks in the same vicinity.
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