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It is a small farm town in which everyone knows everyone. A few grocery stores, a handful of places to grab some food and not much to do other than that. Good for raising kids and growing old.
There are always police out and about. Our crime level is okay but not the best. There is a lot of drug usage in our town.
It has a good school district. But you have some places that are dumpy and then some that are nice.
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There have been little, if any, crimes in my neighborhood.
I don't see myself living anywhere else. I have lived here most of my life, and cherish everything about my neighborhood.
No one here uses public transportation. If you want to go anywhere, you need to drive.
Personally, I wouldn't move here. I was born in Michigan and I'm staying here until I'm done with college, and then I'm flying the coop!
Besides the lack of interesting things to do and eat here, nothing is going to kill you.
This town is very under-served. Even the chain restaurants don't keep up with the demand.
I work 30 miles out of the town because I couldn't find a job there.
Most things in Allegan are overpriced and a person might as well take the drive to Plainwell to get anything at an economical price. There is one Food Thrift Shop that's worth visiting, as well as Little Shop of Hoarders, which is an antique shop.
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