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Many shops and stores are located within walking distance from my residence. The area is very clean and just an overall great environment to be in
It's a nice, quiet suburb. Not a great place to live if you like to go out a lot or are looking for a fast-paced city life, but it's a great place to raise a family. It's a beautiful area, and it has a couple of nice parks and some great hiking trails. It's about 10 minutes away from the beach. It's not a super diverse place; most of the residents are middle to upper class white people.
Aliso Viejo is truly a beautiful area to live with so much to explore and do nearby. The area is impeccably clean and well managed. If you're an out-doorsy type of person, there are countless parks and hiking trails. Its definitely a biking, tennis, golfing, fitness little city, with tons of gyms, yoga places and more. Roughly 10 minutes from Laguna Beach and about 15 minutes from the beautiful spectrum mall. So far Aliso Viejo has been my favorite place to live!
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There's a lot of places to hang out, and Disneyland, the beach, San Diego, LA, etc. are all super close, so there's always something to do. The schools are fairly large but the education is good and many students do well. There are good restaurants as well.
Aliso Viejo is a great town in a great area. It's near the beach, there's lots to do, and the people are very nice. There's lots to do and its always fun in the sun in SoCal.
Aliso Viejo is a wonderful place to live. The neighbors are friendly and the area is extremely well maintained. It takes only a few minutes to drive to the beach and is very dog friendly. It is expensive to live in Aliso Viejo but the area is safe and the school system is good.
As I have been living here my whole life, I really do appreciate and enjoy living here. Compared to other cities close by, the people are nicer, and there are not that many homeless people around. There are many parks for children to play in and the communities are safe.
Having recently moved to the U.S., Aliso Viejo, by far, is one of the most safest, cleanest, and most aesthetically pleasing city I've ever seen. The roads are kept clean, plants on the side of the roads are watered regularly, sidewalks are kept clean, and also, people are very friendly and helpful. However, there's not a lot of diversity, regarding citizens.
I love how centralized Aliso Viejo is, it's close to the beach, shopping, the mountains, and culture. I wish that there were fewer chains and more small businesses in the area.
Aliso Viejo is a beautiful city with friendly residents and excellent local businesses. I have been a resident for just over a year, and I am so glad I relocated to Aliso Viejo from Santa Ana.
Seems like a site that isn't protected. Afraid to give personal information the site seems like it is a gimmick. Other than that its helpful and gives opportunities for scholarships.
I love this place, It is calm, almost no crimes and people are nice.
I live and work here, it is a nice area with beautiful houses and It is close to the beach.
This is a very good safe place to live! It's a good environment for anyone growing up, lots of parks/recreational areas nearby.
I have lived in Aliso Viejo ever since I could remember. I like how almost everyone knows one another, but it is still a pretty big city. I'd like to see lower housing costs, more places for teenagers/young adults friendly because it seems like most of the places to go are for children ages 10 and under or adults 28 and over, there's balance.
never had any issues with crime or needing police
lovely neighborhood, friendly people, located in very good school district
Aliso Viejo is in tip top shape and always clean. Crime rate is very low, I am never worried about my safety.
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Aliso Viejo is a very safe neighbor filled with lots of resources for fun and families.
Very low crime rates here!
I love where I am living right now!
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