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As a new resident to Aliquippa, I was happy to see some growth in businesses. I have heard that the area is in a period of regrowth. I hope to see more advancement. About 15 minutes from many business like walmart , target and panera, but it would be nice to have more opportunities come into the city of Aliquippa and the surrounding townships.
I love the tradition in Aliquippa. It seems like the people of Aliquippa get along together. The city is very small so everybody knows everybody. I have had a very good time living here in Aliquippa. Sometimes I notice the bad side of Aliquippa. Such as poorly behaved kids, violence, and constant drug use.
I think this is a great place to grow up and there is not to many people but a great community. It may be heading downward compared to a few decades ago, but still a great place.
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Great town to retire and die in. Town is very peaceful, but there is some poverty. As a consequence, there is some violence. Jobs are very sparse and the town has no culture.
What I like about Aliquippa is that it's just outside of Pittsburgh and so there's easy access to city events. I also like that I'm not far from Ohio or West Virginia.

What I would like to see change is access to more things to do in closer to Aliquippa.
It is a great community where everybody is like family. There are community leaders who are great role models. The library is nice.
Crime seems to be going down in the area. More police presence was the key
this neighborhood good be nicer, sometimes we get a lot of low income people that causes the values of things to go down
Aliquippa has fallen on hard times in just about every aspect. The community used to be a booming steel city, but as of recent has fallen into a recession and has gained a reputation for being ridden with crime. There is not really much to do in the city, but it is close to two malls, Beaver Valley and Robinson. The public schools are not the best in the area. The population is quite small as is the funding so it does not offer many opportunities to its students. As a result, property is readily available to buyers and at a pretty inexpensive price.
I wish people cared more. And the police.
My lifelong home, but wish things were better.
We go back in forth with crime. Over the following year or so, crime has reduced.
This is my hometown and I grew up here. I love my hometown, but there are no jobs. The other cities around us are constantly growing and building all around us. Our city need to get re-zoned. The cities around us some how get credit for things that profitable that is right in our back yard. I don't understand how it's considered Hopewell & Center township when it's in Aliquippa's downtown area. This seem to be going on a lot in Aliquippa. It need re-zoned.
There is a lot of crime in Aliquippa. There always seems to be drama somewhere but it is possible to keep yourself out of it. This is why I want to go to college to better myself and move my family out of this area.
Most people start their own businesses in the community for money or they go to other communities for work.
Aliquippa is a very small town but the businesses are very big! People know exactly where to go for certain items, such as hair, beauty products, clothes, etc. and the service you get is always excellent.
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