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Alice texas is a very small town. It doest have much to do. The schools are okay they could be better and the people here arnt always the nices. I wouldnt want to live here my whole life!
I grew up in Alice and graduated high school from there. Town is very small with population of 20,000. If you enjoy the ranch life, this is the place for you. It has its merits but personally not my favorite place to be, but its considered "major" city of oil field related work.
Alice is a oil field town. It is small, cramped and overpriced. There really isn't much good from Alice, although there is very little traffic. When it comes to things to do in Alice there isn't much, a few rundown parks, and really that's it. Alice is the kind of town you've lived most of your life that when you finally move out, you realize how awful it is.
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Small community helping others to prosper. When someone is in need the community comes together to ensure the person or family is taken care of.
What I love about Alice is that everyone is very closely related to each other, so it feels like one big family. What I wish would change is how the people treat each other. When I first arrived the students my age were very sarcastic to each other but they never seemed hurt by the words. I know they probably do hurt when they hear those mean words, but their mindset is to always act strong and pretend that it doesn't affect them. I just wish that the people of Alice would not be rude to each other, and just love one another.
I truly loved Alice it is a very quiet town it seems to be booming every time I have visited that have had something new popping up, a restaurant, now a new water park. That is going to be a great addition due to the super hot weather in South Texas. The people in Alice are pretty friendly always ready to talk about anything and everything, they make you feel right at home. I have several friends who keep me pretty updated but we all have such busy lives. Alice is a great place to raise a family.
Alice is a small city that is a place where you can have your family grow and learn. It is a population of about 19,500 people. I have lived in Alice my whole life and commuted to a University that is 30 minutes away. It is about 30 minutes from the lake and about an hour from the beach.
It's all good, they sometimes come fast or slow it doesn't matter.
I would choose to live here, but probably after I'm done having a family.
it is better than not having anything
its better than some of the towns close by
The crime here is bad, the cops aren't always reliable and the safety isn't the best either
Once I leave for college I don't plan on moving back because of how this town is.
The quality of housing is pretty nice. There are a few houses here and there that are nice on the outside, but bad on the inside, but they are still livable. There are no abandoned properties within the areas that I know of, and the only vacant houses are the ones that have just been built, or moved out of. The worst area to live in is the west side of the city, and the best is the east side, separated by two sets of train tracks.
The community is very together. Those who tend to live here are either here for jobs in the oil field, or they had been born and raised here. Most people in the community have pets and are very tolerable of other's. When there is a community event, a lot of the community is involved because they had been working with the events since they had been young.
In my area, there is no crime that is known. If there is crime, it is taken care of quickly, as to care for the minds of the people. Vandalism and graffiti are nonexistent, but for a tiny few. The police are always seen, either making rounds in neighborhoods, watching, or patrolling the streets.
The area in which I am living is just ok. There are a lot of places close to home, such as restaurants and grocery stores, which makes food and living supplies easy to get to. One of the downfalls of this area is that its economy depends on the oil industry which is not good at this very moment. When the oil industry is doing well, or booming, the economy is one hundred percent better. The people in my area are, for the most part, nice, but all of the others are avoided. The atmosphere overall is okay. Good when the oil is good, and ok when oil is out.
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I love the housing in this area, extremely nice and beautiful to look at.
The community and people are awesome, very sweet and always willing to help.
I just recently moved here, thank God nothing bad has happened.
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