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A great place to raise a family. Great schools and every thing you need conveniently located. Lots of dining options and plenty of options for shopping.
Algonquin is a growing suburb of Chicago. It is near enough to the city that commuting for work or play is easy. Public school is decent and private school options are also available.
Its a small town and the people are nice. Kind of in the middle of no where
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I love living in my town!
Police are seen often just patrolling.
Crystal Lake is a very good Chicago suburb.
There is minimal crime in this area. Once in a while you will hear about something that happened by accident, but there has not been a violent crime here in a long time. It is safe to walk around the streets at night.
It is easily to feel involved and connected in this community. Although the Barrington Area is large, you don't lose that neighborhood feel. Barrington High School is at the center of our community, and people of all ages part-take in Broncos Pride. After moving here from another area, Barrington cannot compare. Its a perfect place to raise a child. It is extremely safe and the people here are so kind. The schools are fantastic and offer many opportunities to its students.
I love this area. Close enough to the train to be able to take advantage of the city. Great conservation areas that I enjoy using with my family. Close enough to the country, it's the best of both worlds.
There are many different restraints in this area. A taste for everyone, but there aren't many restwrants that stay open late.
This town has a little bit of everything. If you are looking to start a job there is about only one other that you would "compete" against. There are very few with out a job.
I can find everything that I need, also everything I need is within 10 min. away
This area has pretty reliable public services. The police are good.
This is a very safe place to live. There are not a ton of crimes.
A lot of people love outdoor activities like bike riding and walking through Veterans Acres. However there are many better places to go experience nature.
Here I experience all four seasons. The winters can be cold, snowy, and brutal though. Fall is pretty. Summer is pretty warm.
There are a lot of really yummy restaurants, some nice and some more casual. Night life is decent, not amazing.
Review Algonquin Township
There are a lot of job opportunities here. Many jobs are not appealing because they are in the food business. There are many wealthy people here though.
There are many popular brand-name stores that are fun to shop at. There is a cute downtown area with many mom and pop stores that are small and fun. There is a good variety of big-chain retailers and local stores. There are many good restaurants. I can get everything I need here and I am less than an hour away from two big malls.
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