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I love living near Algonquin because there are lots of good restaurants and stores, however, adding some fun attractions or services would be nice.
Algonquin is a great area to live. There is a lot to do with friends and family for entertainment. There is no big drug problem and no big thefts. It is a vary safe place to live . It is also in a great school district.
Algonquin is a friendly place with a lot of locally owned businesses, but there is still plenty of room for growth. Over the past few years the city has grown tremendously, but still remains relatively small.
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The town of Algonquin, IL has tripled in size since my family moved there in 2000. 16 years later, there are major roads throughout the once quiet area and quite a few malls and restaurants.
Algonquin is a safe place to live. Anywhere you go is going to have petty crime, but Algonquin sits highly above other towns in terms of safety.
A good place to live. Fairly suburban and friendly. Many places to shop and eat. Education system can use a rework, but so far it seems to be going in the right direction.
Very friendly and involved community
I've never had any problems living here. It's quite safe.
I've lived here pretty much my whole life. There isn't much to do though.
I love the atmosphere that I live in today. Everyday I wake up knowing that I am in a safe and accepting environment with people caring about the community.
The police and fire department are amazing. The fire department was at my house within five minutes of the call. The police do a great job in the community and at my school.
I have loved living here for the past 11 years. There are opportunities in the community to follow your interests and find friends. I've had so many good experiences in he neighborhood that I wouldn't choose to live somewhere else if I had to go back.
Not a lot of crime that I know of besides a few teenagers getting out of hand at times. Our neighbors have been getting vandalized a lot lately, but they think it could be connected to their son who goes to Jacobs and a school rivalry. Other than that though, crime is very low as far as I know of.
I've lived in Algonquin my entire life and I've never had any issues. Police are patrolling often and there is little crime besides a few teenagers getting out of hand every once and awhile, usually during the summer months or close to homecoming or prom. It's near a lot of chain restaurants and stores, while also have independent businesses downtown. The only thing I would change is to update the downtown area. It's not very large to begin with, and there aren't a lot of businesses open anymore besides a few restaurants and bars. If we focus on revamping the downtown area, I think Algonquin could go from good to great.
I have not experienced any bad crime in my neighborhood.
The neighborhood that I live in is great because it is in a convenient area. There is a lot to do and places to go shopping.
There is rarely any crimes that occur here in Algonquin. The police are always visible in this town. If anything crimes occur in highschools. But, police are very responsive to those.
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Algonquin is becoming a more diverse place but the schools are not that diverse. The education you get is satisfactory but teachers are not the best here. There are a lot of job opportunities for young people. I would not choose to live here again. Compared to other places in Illinois, this area is not that diverse.
The cops are always on surveillance and the community is fairly safe.
Algonquin is a beautiful town close to nice restaurants and the city of Chicago. It is a great suburban area for new families and people wanting to venture out.
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