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There's gonna be crime anywhere you go, but here it's way less then other cities.
I've lived in algona for 30 years now (practically my whole life as I am 32 soon) I have never moved out of Algona ever, I never will, I love this city, it's safe, pretty peaceful, nice neighbors, and so much more. I've always felt safest in algona and never in other cities, the businesses are friendly, a lot that have been the same owners for so many years. I am a true Algonquin and I'll never be anywhere but here the rest of my life.
This is a small town and I feel like there isn't much crime here. The police are very strict on traffic laws and I think that's because that's about the only crime that goes on here.
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I think this area is what you make it. I could see how some people would not enjoy living here. For example, it's rainy, there isn't really much to do, and it's getting run down. I can also see how this would be a great place to live. There are a ton of parks close by, Seattle is close, and there are great lakes and hiking trails nearby. I wouldn't choose to live here again but I don't mind staying.
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