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Algoma is a very small, connected town. It's inhabitants are very inveted in sports, as well as the school community. It is not very diverse.
I feel safe and don't think I have to worry about major crimes.
I love the people here, it is a relatively normal sized city, but it has a very small town feel.
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When people think Wisconsin, they think of the snow in the winter, and if someone is looking at Oshkosh to live, they should be aware that winters are very harsh. The four seasons are in full effect here. Because I grew up with the seasons, I have learned to enjoy them and you only hear people complain about the winter. Living on a hill, I do not have a problem with flooding, but I know many people in this area do. Weather is not too difficult to deal with, the occasional severe thunderstorm can do damage, but we do not have many tornados and no earthquakes.
EAA is very popular and draws people in from all over the world. It makes the city very congested and can be a hassle for residents who do not care about EAA anymore because we are used to it. Lifest is a great Christian music festival that has been gaining popularity. Country USA is huge for country music fans and draws many people to the area. Oshkosh is big for summer events.
With so much construction as of recent, driving can be very difficult for Oshkosh residents. The many one-way streets downtown can also be very confusing even for those who have lived in Oshkosh for awhile. I think that this city is not to difficult to drive in unless someone is unaware of conditions or not used to driving here, then it can be very difficult. I know many people who get confused driving here or need a GPS for changing road construction.
Oshkosh has great restaurants, and again, with Appleton close-by there are even more options. One place that sets itself apart from the rest in Oshkosh is Sakura Japanese Steakhouse. They offer great sushi options as well as a hibachi grill. It is different from the rest and well-known by the community even though it has not been around very long.
While I am a college student, there are plenty of summer job opportunities here, however for my career field, I do not see myself living in Oshkosh to pursue a career. There are definitely job opportunities all around for adults looking for a long-term career, but I wish there was more for the communications field here.
The local businesses in Oshkosh are very diverse, downtown stores are mostly privately owned, well-known stores while in the city, there are also many widely known stores such as Target, Walmart, JC Penney, etc. There is also an outlet mall. You can get most anything you want in Oshkosh, however with Appleton close-by, it offers more options. I know there are plans to add more big stores to Oshkosh, and I look forward to it.
There are plenty of jobs in the Oshkosh area.
There are lots of great businesses here! It would be nice to have more locally owned restaurants.
There seems to be little unemployment.
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