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Alfred is a friendly little college town that is mainly centered on serving the student population from the SUNY campus and the Alfred University campus.
Alfred is a nice small town with great college opportunity. The town is completely safe and a great place for college and high school students to hang out on Main Street. Great restaurants and lots of options. The college's always have nice events for the public to attend. Alfred has the ideal small town atmosphere.
Alfred has a great elementary and highschool system. The town is very safe and friendly, but is practically dead when the two colleges in town are out of session.
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Alfred is a great place, a small town with a large community. I love it there! There's not much to do when your not in school, but Alfred is a beautiful town to walk through.
I love alfred ny! I work here as a residence director at Alfred State. It is a great little town with a lot of charecter. There is a lot of local art, areas to hike and explore nearby, fishing, and more! However this town is not for everyone and my rating will reflect that. Being a small town, if you are not outdoorsy, you will not find much to do. There is only 3 options for food in town, no grocery store within walking distance, and not much for entertainment.
Hardly any crime happens here. Very peaceful.
I grew up living here. The place I call home.
You won't be disappointed by the family friendly community
our community is a fairly safe community to live in
I love the area I live in because it is a small community where people genuinely care.
No crime, good schools, friendly neighbors
not a lot of business around.

mostly agricultural
Average, very small community

not really a lot there
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