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I have been living there for about 7 years, moved from Guatemala. So far, it has been the best place i lived in the states. People is kindly, has a big diversity, great schools, great neighborhood, and so forth. It is a must visit city.
There is anything you could possibly look for. There are really nice parts, and parts that aren't as nice. The diversity in Alexandria is great; you meet a lot of foreign people. Very close to DC too.
You do not need to drive far for anything. Want to hang out? Great places close by. Need to shop for groceries or necessities? Do not worry, all you need is with a few miles away. Hungry and do not feel like cooking? Well, you're in the right area. Pick a spot and enjoy!
I would like to see safety increase. Some neighborhoods seem a little less pleasant than others however county police is great.
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I am a military spouse, we currently live in the Fort Belvoir area. Just from this area and the experience we have seen it is an amazing beautiful place to live. The people here have been amazingly nice to everyone with the occasional odd ball! You have many options for not being bored here!
I have lived here all my life (18y) and I can safely say there is no other place on earth I would leave it for
Great neighborhoods and people. Cost of living is quite high but there is plenty to do around town. Very close to major roads so roadtrips and traveling are easy.
I like how historic the town is, there is so much history which can be seen with monuments, buildings, roads, the GW Masion in Mt. Vernon. We are so close to D.C. that we also get the downtown capital life as well as the family suburbs life.
I love living in this city, it is so divers, you will find so many different ethnicity, people are from different cultures and back grounds share same place and live together in peaceful environment. There are so many job opportunities and chances to grow up a business. When it comes to food and restaurants, you will find all different kind dishes and restaurants
The atmosphere is a young and lively feeling with a sense of history at the same time due to the cobblestone driveways and alley-way roads.
I love the diversity in Alexandria, and the fact there is only one public high school, so it gets a lot of resources from the city. It is great to live close to D.C. The history in Alexandria is also a lovely perk of living here.
I love living in Alexandria! It has so many places to explore. My favorite spot is the waterfront in Old Town.
Everything in Alexandria is walking distance and there are trains and buses in the area. I liked that my friends and I were able to go out and have a fun time together almost everyday.
Alexandria is a nice area to live, the cost of living is a bit pricey, but overall it provides a certain quality of living.
We live in a very family friendly area. We are new comers here, so we don't know a whole lot about the area, but so far we love it. I was a bit hesitant to be in the D.C. area, but it's really not as bad as I was anticipating. Yea, the traffic is bad during rush hour times, but overall the people are generally friendly and the food is good.
One of the major benefits of Alexandria is that it is close to our nations capital, Washington, D.C., so you always have something wonderful to see or do. Also, the job makrket is great. Living so close to a major city also has its downfalls. The traffic is horrible, which leads one to spending a large amount of time in a vehicle. The housing market is over priced, which also means that rentals are over priced.
Alexandria is a very cool place to live. It is close enough to the District of Columbia that you can visit the city whenever you want. Additionally it has fun shopping districts.
I enjoy living here and I hope others will get the opportunity to visit. Virginia is for lovers as the would say. Virginia has a lot to see. Alexandria has tourist attractions so this why I say come visit. I would like to add is close to DC and Maryland. We have the best of both world.
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Alexandria is an anazing city with opportunity to grow. I would like to see more activities and events for all ages.
I absolutely love how everything is walking distance! It is wonderful to not have to get in the car every time I want to go somewhere!
Alexandria is a warm and unique city with amazing history and plenty to do. Alexandria is a dense city with many congestion problems and a high cost of living.
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