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I love Alexandria. You get the city and suburb vibe. The city is independent and is kept clean. There is some crime but not too much. I would like to see a friendlier economy such as recycling services in apartment communities.
Alexandria, Virginia is my "center"! I have family that lives in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. My closet friends also live in the area or the surrounding states. Returning home from overseas and separating from the Army, I am fortunate enough to be able to live in this area because of the support I am able to receive. My daughter is able to grow up around her grandparents and relatives; as well, my friends and our kids will grow up together!
Alexandria is a suburb in the Virginia, DC area. The cost of living is high; the Realestate market is costly, and some amenities associated with living in a big city, even though we are less than 20 minutes from DC, are missing. For instance, there are very few 24 hour dining experiences available.

Old Town Alexandria is a beautiful and historic town with many fine dining and expensive store fronts. It's an affluent area. It can be hard to afford to live here. But if you can, it's a wonderful place to be!
It is a great mix between suburbia and city life. It is also on the Potomac river which makes it extremely scenic. It is a safe and vibrant neighborhood.
There is an aspect of Alexandria, Virginia that not everyone sees: the beautiful, lush parks that speckle the busy city landscape with their winding trails, songful birds and skyward trees. Miles of running, hiking and bicycle trails are hidden in plain sight. Greater advocacy has initiated many new connector trails and bicycle lanes, many of which connect to the greenery of Virginias parks. The absolute best ways to travel are by bicycle or on foot. People of all ages and abilities can be seen enjoying Virginia trails: amputees with specialized bicycling prosthetics, an elderly cyclist on four-wheeled bicycles featuring a special doggy perch on top with sunbrella, commuters with bicycles adorned with myriad comforts, and more. I would like more citizens to be aware of this precious resource. Hiking in a Virginia park takes you to another world that is peaceful and serene, yet bursting at the seams with flowerage and verdure and the beauty of life.
I was born and raised here and I really enjoyed it for the most part. There is plenty to keep anyone of any age busy and entertained. The only downside to this city is that the cost of living is quite high.
I like that it's a convenient location to go to stores, restaurants, and Washington DC. It also has beautiful scenery like in Old Town where you can see historic buildings and the Potomac River.
its a very interesting place. You can come here and do anything you'd like too. We have nice parks, people, and places to eat. One place that any and everyone goes too is old town. In old town they have a lot of stores you can go to and shop and you can also go to see where the boats are doc
My experience in Alexandria has been great. What I like about Alexandria is that people was friendly to me. I've met a lot of people just living around here. I would like to see a change in some of the food places, a more variety. Also a shoes store.
Alexandria is a great city to live in. It is not too big or small. It has great businesses around the area that make living there really convenient. There is a lot of diversity and culture. Alexandria provides a lot of opportunities for those seeking it. It is a family friendly community with great public schools and education. The cost of living is high but it is worth it in my perspective.
I was actually born here and I absolutely love it here. Everything is quite easy to get to and the people in this community help out each other. Alexandria is a great city whether visiting or living here.
I love Alexandria, it is a big enough city that there is always something to do, but it is also small enough that when I walk down the street in Old Town I know so many of the faces. It is a great community and environment to live in and I really enjoyed growing up here.
Alexandria is a beautiful community with so much to do. I love walking around in Old Town especially at the docks and visiting the local Artist's studio "The Torpedo Factory." Old town has some of the best handmade ice-cream shops as well.
Alexandria is a great area, it can be costly depended on if you have a roommate or not. Its location is close to Washington D.C. and it is a great place to network
Some great historical places and enjoyable downtown area. Residential areas are safe but petty theft is common. Schools don't have recess or good access to special services. Great diversity and variety of restaurants.
Alexandria is so much more than Old Town! Easy to get into D.C. on 395 or metro, tons of food options (Del Ray neighborhood is home to Taqueria el Poblano and Cheesetique!)
My experience as an Alexandria resident has been very inspiring and not to mention the easy access to schools, shopping malls and the grocery store. This is a very convenient location. One thing that I would like to see is a decline in building homes and more focus on parks and recreation.
Alexandria is a very diverse city with a lot of history. Old Town Alexandria offers a nice place to take in history, to shop and to walk around. However, the cost of living is pretty high. And traffic can be a nightmare.
I lived in Alexandria VA for a few years and it was a wonderful place to live. It was mostly affordable, close to everything and family friendly. My daughter went to public school there and made a lot of friends. She advanced quickly because of the teaching style and even learned another language. I would highly recommend Alexandria, VA to families with children.
I have lived in Alexandria, Virginia my entire life so I pretty much know my way around. the thing i like the most is the diversity of people. They have nice restaurants and nice touring sites. I like the area close its close to D.C. and Maryland (DMV). I love the small city environment. somewhat friendly people.
What I do not like tho is the cost of living is very expensive to try and live on your own and traffic can be annoying during rush hour. Also a a lot of construction and road blocking.
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