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Virginia is one of those states with a little bit of everything, and Alexandria reminds me of that. The only thing I would change about Alexandria is its public school system. Otherwise, their neighborhoods are full of good, smart people. Northern Virginia is full of people with high standards, which can have its downsides, but this ultimately results in better businesses, families, and neighborhoods.
This place has everything. Historical monument and modern entertainment all together in one. Metro accessible to DC but far enough away to enjoy the suburban areas.
I love the sense of community in such a large area. The people are welcoming and there is a lot of diversity. I also appreciate how much there is to do!
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My experience is Alexandria, Virginia has been an ok experence. The people are nice people. They say hello now a time but they sometimes could be rude. The crime rate is somewhat in the middle. Some nights it could be scary because of the nosies out side but some nights could be peaceful. I actually would recomend you come out and live here its a nice place overall. Remeber nothing is ever perfect. So come on down and live in AVA
I really enjoy the city of Alexandria. There are lots of boutique shops and cafes. It is very walkable and provides a balance between residential living and green space.
it is a great city, and a safe environment to be in. Also the public schools are great, I love living here
I like the area where I live in Alexandria close to shopping centers and close to the mall as well. There is Old Town close by which amazing scenery.
Alexandria is just a short distance from DC. The commute can be tough but the metro rail and bus offer options.
Overall a wonderful, very diverse area. Prime location to everything one could need - DC, Maryland, etc.
I like that places are on business, and stores are nearby, what I don't like is there are enough places to help you when you are in need.
Alexandria has so much to offer, from Old Town to Del Ray, the neighborhoods are quiet, safe, and clean. There are plenty of restaurants and farmers markets taking place to attend. There are a plethora of exercise studios of all types to enjoy as well.
Alexandria is conveniently located less than 20 minutes from the nation's capital. It stands out as a central feature to the Northern Virginia area with its diversity and constant evolving to the needs of its residents. A bustling city, you are never too far from the highway, nor nature. There are historic and scenic sites such as Mount Vernon and Old Towne, as well as shopping and nightlife. Truly Alexandria is a catch all location for everyone from the recent college grad, to the growing family.
Alexandria is a great town to live or work in. There are so many great restaurants and shops that are all within walking distance to most residential areas. I work in Old Town and love the fact I can walk to lunch or eat outside and have a great view of the water!
Alexandria is as diverse of a location as its population. Being just a few minutes down the Potomac from Georgetown, while still keeping true to its 18th century settlement in Old Town, Alexandria has activities and sceneray for all. With some of the most advanced public schools in the nation such as T.C. Williams and prestigious private schools such as Episcapol, it should come to no surprise that Alexandria is filled with educated people from all backgrounds who are compassionate about each other and the living environment around them. Take a stroll in Fort Ward, a historical military park, or take a boat out on the Potomac for a day of fishing. At night, the historic taverns are always festive on King Street. All of this accessible by some of the best public transportation in the country.
It is a nice area to live in. There is a lot of construction in the high way but that will get better.
It's a very safe area. Low crime rate and friendly people. Alexandria is a very diverse city. There is a large percentage the population that come from all around the world.
I love Alexandria. I loved it so much that I moved to the area. I love the downtown feel and the diversity. I worked for a few organizations in Old Towne as well.
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Alexandria has a great personality for a smaller city outside of DC. It has a culture scene, a business scene and everything feels local.
Alexandria is one of the wealthiest cities in the state of Virginia and it shows in how much it cost to live here. For the most part, everyone who lives here is friendly to all people they meet but there is still a disconnect. It is a very safe city, crime rarely happens.
I like Alexandria what I will like to see change is getting help with low income places that you will not be removed from the low income program
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