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There isn't much crime here. However, if something does happen, the police show up relatively quickly and ready to help.
It is absolutely beautiful here. The schools are great. The small-town environment is just what I need.
We are in a safe area.
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There are starting to build too much in the area, there is a lot more traffic than there used to be.
Just beautiful. Drive past horses and cows on the way to school. School is in the middle of a cornfield.
It is rural. There is no manufacturing. There is no traffic. It is beautiful, especially when hot air balloons land in your backyard.
Living where I am currently is pretty great. Most of the people are incredibly nice with an exception of a few but that is normal. If I had the chance to choose where I wanted to live all over again I would still choose here. Finding a job is a bit difficult but that is how it is no matter where you are. Everything around here is mainly country but that makes it beautiful. You see something new everyday.
I've never been employed but it's a very wealthy area.
Reaction time for police varies from each town. Personally, they seem very slow because it is very rural.
There are so many options when it comes to food! There are the typical chain restaurants to the eateries that have been in business since the towns were open. All of the food is great and the waiters are friendly!
People in this area are very active. There are always people walking their dogs, riding bikes, or playing sports.
There are very few problems with crime in this area. If something does happen, it is usually a shock.
There are many parks in this area. They are well maintained and provide options for different events and activities. Pollution varies from area to area, but, overall, it is clean.
There are not many means of employment. There are the occasional opportunities to work in retail or restaurant, but there is not a lot of options.
There are not a lot of attractions in this area. There are great restaurants and a movie theatre, but there are not events or attractions that would bring in many tourists.
There are not many sidewalks in this area and, therefore, it is not safe for bicyclists. That being said, most people drive carefully and respect people walking of riding bikes. Parking availability differs from place to place.
The local business in my area are great. There are many stores within a 20 mile radius that provide different products. The people working at these stores or other businesses are friendly and usually end up knowing you personally!
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