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There are not many concerns about safety in our town. Once in a while we will get a stealing spree by a few people but it usually does not go beyond that.
The area is quiet and nice to live in. However the city keeps running businesses out of town and makes it hard to find a job in town for students. We have a nice park that we can play basketball in and take kids to play.
Alexandria is a very small town. They do not have very many employment opportunities.
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Nicks Pizza is the best pizza I have ever had. It is one of my all time favorite pizza places to get to take home and eat with my family.
attempts are being made to improve the looks of the community and some business are moving in with that said more are closing faster than they are moving in.
Not much in our town any more. Stores have closed. We only have one grocery store and it is over priced and poor quality. We have the normal unhealthy fast food restaurant, there are no family restaurants. We have a really good pizza shop but the large is going to cost around 30.00. Most families can not afford that. There are no activities for kids nor gyms to promote a healthy living.
most restaurants are chain restaurants
not much happens in a small town
I like the small town but wish there was more to do.
we have a lot closing their doors.
we are getting a new dog park.
we have a beautiful park and a state park area.
a lot of abondoned properties but those that live here maintain their property.
GM has closed so most people either work for the government or hospitals.
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