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Alexandria has beautiful Lakes, lots of arts (local symphony, bands, concerts and theater). The high school has a fantastic new building. There are free concerts on the courthouse lawn every week in the summer and a large art festival every summer.
Alexandria is where I grew up and I love it here! We have many beautiful lakes and a fun downtown full of many great shops and restaurants! It is a safe and clean town with a great school system and wonderful people.
Beautiful town with many outdoor activities including boating, fishing, hunting, hiking and biking paths. Many restaurants and shops.
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This town comes to life in the summer. From the lake activities, to the historic downtown Alexandria provides something for everyone. All the comforts of a big city without the traffic.
I grew up in the town of Alexandria. It was always busy but very safe. I could bike to town and not need a parent present. There isn't much diversity and there is hardly anything to do at night for both kids or adults. It is very family friendly. Overall, not a bad place to work or live, just boring at times.
Alexandria has a lot of tourist attractions. We have beautiful lakes and a gorgeous downtown area for shopping and walking. The town has really grown in the past years. We have bike trails and various parks. Alexandria has many events going on especially in the summer such as the Carlos Creek Winery has the grape stomp. We have a county fair. I notice in the summer we have a lot of Lake people up. It's fun to see how people use our great Lakes for boating, fishing, and cruising around. We also have awake the lakes which is a popular event in Alexandria. I feel like Alexandria has friendly people with a lot to offer.
I love living in Alexandria! There is a lot of diversity here when in comes to history and activities to do. Although we are famous for our lakes, we are also known for the Big Ole Statue, Museums, Wake the Lakes festival, and so much more!
Well Alexandria is known for there restaurants, Lots of different stores Like Walmart and Antique Shops, clothing shops, a bowling alley, a movie theater, also viking speedway. I would recommend for everyone to walk up and down the sidewalks just to go window shopping or just to even go shopping. My overall experience with Alexandria is I would rate them a 10, just because there is so much to do. Since I've lived in Starbuck for the past 10 years, Alexandria has grown so much with new restaurants, Hotels, gas stations and even a new Walmart.
I grew up in this small town that is not so small anymore. The expansion of the town has turned it into something that I do not recognize anymore. I feel the community vibe slipping away with the growing number of residence coming in. Although I like the fact that it is growing I wish it were growing together and not a part. The diversity of differences is pulling the town in many directions. I hope that for my children that this growth being the community together as a whole and not venture further away.
Alexandria Minnesota is a great place for college students to live.
There are a lot of minimum wage jobs here, fast food and waitress jobs. There are not a lot of available career options though.
There are quite a few antique shops and specialty boutiques which are nice, there aren't as many restaurant choices as i would like though.
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