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What I love about where I live is that it feels like a small town. There's an annual fair that I walk to on Labor Day. And many parades that pass by my house each year. There are multiple little small town restaurants that I like to go to that are known by only us. I wouldn't want anything to change in this town.
This is my home town, it is forever flourishing with family owned businesses. It's also not far away from the major city and universities.
This is a wonderful town for families with children. There are plenty of opportunities for great schools and quite a few parks and playgrounds. This is a much more quiet community and is very safe. It is about 15 miles from Cincinnati, so the commute time is decent. There are a lot of restaurants around and activities. Although the housing market is a little steep, the safety and security of the community along with the relative closeness to everything outweighs. Overall a great place to live!
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Alexandria was once a small town but has since rapidly grown to a cluster of small suburbs. Everyone is extremely kind and welcoming. This is a very safe town providing multiple nationally ranked school systems.
It's a very nice small town. Everyone is very friendly and it has a very great community and I absolutely love the town.
I have grown up in Alexandria my entire life. I love this city because it is so close knit but also not. Alexandria is small, but not so small that you see the same people all the time. It is extremely diverse. It has an incredible school district (Campbell County Schools) that I have been extremely lucky to have been a part of.
Alexandria used to be a great place to live and raise a family but thanks to our lack code enforcement it has really gone down hill in the last several years. Garbage cans left out on the sidewalks/streets for days after the garbage had been collected, people parking right up in their front lawn when there is more than ample parking available on the street, and the constant dogs barking is a joke!!! WTG, city council/code enforcement!!
I have honestly not used Niche more than just this application for a scholarship award. It seems like an amazing sight and nothing to bring to the table to complain about or change so far. I am applying for this $1000 scholarship because I am about to start grad school for my Master's in Occupational Therapy at Spalding University in Louisville Kentucky.
Living in a community where everyone knows each other is really nice. I enjoy the closeness of everyone. There is a lot to do on weekend nights for people around here that are over 21 because of Cincinnati but not much for high schoolers. During the day there are family friendly activities though.
We have both a city police department and a county police dept. So I feel relatively safe in our community.
We are close to Cincinnati where we have major league baseball and football. We have the Broadway series of the Arts. We have a lot of local theatres.
there are nice houses and they are relatively cheap
mostly healthy people, many workout gyms and facilities available to the public
there are neighborhood watch programs and there is relative low amount of crime
you get to experience all 4 seasons and there is not an unusual amount of sever storms
there is not a lot of night life options, especially for young adults
there are opportunities but not many career choices
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there isn't many stores in my area. teh stores are about a 50-50 mix of mom and pop stores and large corporations
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