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I live in an extremely rural area. My parents chose to move us to this area because this is where we found our dream house. Overall, Alexander is a good place to live. I can see deer in my backyard every morning, and we have an abundance of nature all around us. However, the views and opinions of people that live here are more conservative than I would like. It's a very church-based town.
Alexander is a very quite town. The neighborhoods in Alexander are very nice and many areas have lots of space for houses or animals. There are different houses for all types of people. Alexander is a very good pick for someone who enjoys an area with friendly people, nice houses, and a place to raise a family.
Lived here for nine years and never had any problems. They neighbors are peaceful and so is the night life. The only time the night life is lively is when we have block parties or on holidays.
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I have lived in Alexander since 2007 and it has been an excellent experience. It's far enough out of Little Rock but still close enough to shopping, dinning, and entertainment. Uber is also available here if you need transportation somewhere. The school system is good as well. It's a great area to raise a family.
Alexander is close enough to Little Rock that we have access to hospitals, restaurants, and other amenities. It is far enough away, that we have the quiet and safety feel of the country. My home is 10 minutes from the hospital. We are 3 minutes from our elementary school. I know the faculty and staff at our school and they know me.
I like that it's right in middle of Little Rock and Bryant. It's close to grocery stores, and now shopping outlets. I think you get more housing for your buck, and the neighbor I live in seems to be pretty safe. My biggest complaint would be the quality of the schools. Two of my children now attend private schools, because the level of education and the number of qualifying teachers are a hit and miss in the Bryant School District. My 9 year was struggling in reading during his 1st and 2nd grade year at Robert L Davis Elementary to the point they thought it would be best to hold him back. He's been in private school for the past two years now, and has been a straight A student both years.
Alexander is a lot like my hometown. It is small enough that I'm comfortable driving without getting lost. And spacious enough for me to breathe. Being around the expansive spaces in this town has been very healing. There is not a feeling of suffocation when I walk out my front door. The peaceful feeling of my home overflows into town. It is busy and yet relaxed. Everything you could need is right at your fingertips. The convenience of this town is greatly appreciated. Alexander is everything I could have ever wanted.
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