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9 reviews
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My experience with Alexander City is not the best but it's alright, even though I was born in Sylacauga, I have lived in Alexander City all my life. Life has had it's ups and downs. People don't know how to come together and help one another. This city is getting so cruel and worse by the day, people that have done nothing wrong but living there life right are getting killed. These young age boys are robbing and hurting others to get there properties because they act like there too good to go out and get a job instead of taking from others. I just pray my family is watched over and continue to live throughout the days.
Most people here are nice, and I love the school system here. The local government has issues that are currently being worked on. There are very few stores to get quality items here. Many people travel out of town to buy what they need especially clothes. Other than that, it's a decent little town.
This is a very quiet city mostly for those looking to retire. The people are kind but to nosy at times. I would love to see more unity between the people.
I really enjoy the city I lived here 26 yrs. I would love to see more jobs and shopping facilities. I would love to new roads and signs through the neighborhood.
Alexander City is a small town. It has a Wal-Mart and plenty of fast foods as well. If you want to go see a movie, you can always go to Playhouse Cinemas. They have the friendliest people who are willing to help you with your movie needs. The only thing that needs to be added are more food places. Alex City is known for the common fast food places, like McDonalds and Wendys. If they were to add more places like Mugshots or Chick-fil-a, business would be booming.
This area has low paying jobs and industry is not growing.
Okay weather for the most part
Okay more building apartments are being built
It's okay, I just think it should be more to do.
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